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Tag: death

Energy Ripping

Black magic is about the control and course of vitality / energy. The quality of one's psyche and Aura decide the sort and measure of vitality that one can direct and deal with securely while creating the ideal outcomes. Workings fall flat because of shortcoming of one's brain and aura, or potentially the operator isn't…

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Black Magick and Mental Health

The greater part of us know about psychiatry, advising, brain research, and other psychological well-being administrations. The techniques utilized are standard. Most experts nudge the patient into communicating curbed sentiments outrage, scorn, jealousy, disdain and other related feelings, including subdued sexuality and sexual emotions. Recognizing these curbed feelings reveals new insight into the origins of…

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Serious center is fundamental in all magical workings. It doesn't make a difference if the earth is brimming with interruptions, one ought to consistently keep up all out-core interest. This accompanies having a prepared psyche. Some people say; ‘I was associated with a progressing venture liberating the Demons. My Watchman Evil spirit, Azazel, and Thoth…

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Making a Fire Basic Thoughtform

  This can obviously be dangerous. You should be adept at controlling and holding the fire element. Out of control, this entity can set anything on fire at random and is not to be toyed with. Be sure to read the page on Advanced Thoughforms before attempting this. You should also be adept…

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Creating a Thought form Servitor

Creating a Thoughtform Servitor   The accompanying directions are for making a thoughtform for use in white magic. For black magic, you would not like to interface in any capacity with the vitality, for clear reasons! For black magic, rather than conjuring the vitality, you form the vitality outside of yourself and draw it from…

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Making an Astral Temple

Utilizing an astral Temple can expand the adequacy of your magick and has numerous different employments. Astral projection is perfect, yet a bit much. A profound reflective state and representation are the keys. You should develop your sanctuary during ritual, where you can ask Father Satan to favor it. Meditate for whatever length of time…

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Making Elementals

Elementals are beings whose spirits are included just a couple of components rather than the five [fire, earth, air, water and ether] we people have. Elementals have a specific level of knowledge dictated by their creator. They can be useful in completing certain assignments on the astral just as in the physical world. They can…

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Death, Hell & the Afterlife

Numerous individuals are naturally terrified concerning "Hell" being a position of torture, everlasting perdition, and blazing torment. Actually, since coming to Satan, I have had broad experience both in working with human spirits who have gone from this world, and in observing Satan's Hell which is a sheltered spot for the spirits who are there.…

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