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The triple moon is utilized as an image of the Goddess in some Wiccan customs. This symbol, now and then called the Triple Goddess symbol, represents to the three periods of the moon waxing, full, and melting away. The White Goddess, it likewise represents to the three periods of womanhood, in the parts of Lady, Mother, and Hag, albeit numerous researchers have scrutinized Graves’ work.

This symbol is found in numerous NeoPagan and Wiccan customs as a symbol of the Goddess. The primary sickle represents to the waxing period of the moon fresh starts, new life, and revival. The middle circle is emblematic of the full moon, when magic is at its generally strong and incredible. At long last, the last sickle speaks to the melting away moon an opportunity to do banishing magic and to send things away. The structure is mainstream in adornments and is once in a while found with a moonstone set into the inside circle for extra force/ power.

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