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The pentacle is likely the best-known symbol of Wicca today. The pentacle is a five-pointed star, or pentagram, contained inside a circle. The five purposes of the star speak to the four old style components, alongside a fifth component, which is normally either Soul or Self, contingent upon your convention. The pentacle is likely the best-known symbol of Wicca today and is regularly utilized in adornments and different structures. Commonly, a pentacle is followed noticeable all-around during Wiccan rituals, and in certain customs, it is utilized as an assignment of degree. It is additionally viewed as a symbol of assurance and is utilized in awarding in some Pagan customs.

There is a theory that the pentacle originated as the symbol of a Greek rural and richness goddess named Kore, additionally called Ceres. Her hallowed organic product was the apple, and when you cut an apple down the middle crossways, you locate a five-pointed star! A few societies allude to the apple-star as the “Star of wisdom,” thus apples are related with knowledge.

A pentacle has magical properties related with the component of Earth, yet it contains parts of the various components too. Pentacles are anything but difficult to make and stay nearby your home. You can make one out of grapevines or channel cleaners, and use them as symbols of insurance on your property.

In spite of the fact that it’s not something utilized in every Pagan custom, some magical frameworks interface various colors to the purposes of the pentacle. As a component of that, the colors are frequently connected with the four cardinal components earth, air, fire, and water just as soul, which is some of the time considered the “fifth component.”

In conventions that allot colors to the purposes of the star, the point on the upper right is related with air, and is ordinarily colored white or yellow, and is associated with knowledge and the innovative expressions. The following point down, on the lower right, is fire, which would be colored red, and related with mental fortitude and enthusiasm. The lower left, earth, is typically colored earthy colored or green and is associated with physical perseverance, quality, and soundness. The upper left, water, would be blue, and speaks to feelings and instinct.


At long last, the top point would be either Soul or self, contingent upon your convention. Various frameworks mark this point in a number of various colors, for example, purple or silver, and it symbolizes our association with the One, the Perfect, our actual self.

Step by step instructions to Draw the Pentacle

To perform magic that purifies or exiles things away, you would draw the pentacle beginning at the top point, and going down to the lower right, at that point the upper left, cross to the upper right, and afterward the lower left and back up. To perform magic that pulls/ attracts in or secures, you would at present beginning at the top point, however go down to the lower left rather, turning around the procedure.

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