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Incense assortments correspond to the planets. On the off chance that you are calling a Demon, performing a spell that is identified with a planetary circle or a ritual that requires a specific sort of incense, the postings below ought to be of help.


Certainty, distinction, achievement in betting, delight, making sure about ubiquity/mystique, expanding wellbeing and essentialness, mending, assurance, achievement, magical influence and wealth.

Flame / candle Colors: Yellow, Orange, Gold, white

  • The Sun rules Sunday
  • The Sun is of the component of fire
  • The Sun administers the sun based (third) chakra

Incense: Frankincense, Orange, Acacia, Calendula, Cinnamon, Straight, Saffron. Incense of the Sun contains spice(s).


For facilitating (Libra Moon; Moon in close perspective to Venus) or impelling (Aries Moon; Moon in hard viewpoint to Mars) household issues. The Moon rules fruitfulness, the home and prompt environmental factors, the creative mind, the memory, and mystic mindfulness/dreams, spirituality, and contemplation. For mystic related rituals/spells, the Moon ought to be in a water sign, ideally Pisces and in close perspective to Neptune.

Light/ candle Colors:
  • New Moon-White
  • Full Moon-Red or green
  • Disappearing Moon-Dark
  • The Moon rules Monday
  • The Moon is of the component of water
  • The Moon manages the third eye and sixth chakra


Incense: Jasmine, Poppy, Myrtle, Camphor, Sandalwood, Late evening Sprouting Cereus, Opium.

Incense of the Moon is reflective and sleep inducing.


For breezing through tests, improving the brain, fixation, mental force, learning capacity, discourse, composing, distributing, media concerns, tattle, criticize, interviews, siblings, sisters, neighbors, rumors, burglary, all zones of study and correspondence, likewise astral projection, beating addictions, getting out from under propensities.

candle Colors:
  • Yellow, Light Blue
  • Mercury rules Wednesday
  • Mercury is of the component of air
  • Mercury runs the throat chakra

Incense: Mace, Almond, Storax, Sandalwood, lavender, Benzoin, Bergamot, Mint, Wise, Sweet Pea, Lily of the Valley.


Love, having intercourse, (warm; Planet Mars is for desire/sex), devotion, compromise, beauty, youth, fellowships, fascination, congruity, monetary profit, income builds, social capacities, assets, pulling in cash, extravagance, delight.

Candle Color: Green
  • Venus rules Friday
  • Venus is of the component of earth
  • Venus manages the heart chakra

Incense: Musk/Chamomile/Vanilla/Jasmine/Apple/Gardenia/ Benzoin/ hyacinth/ Lilac/Cardamom/Magnolia/Myrtle/ Licorice/Rose.


Vengeance, outrage, unadulterated sexual desire, and physical satisfaction, mental fortitude, assurance, managing foes. Prompting mishaps, fires, wounds. self-assurance, games, quality, magical vitality for Dark Magic, and power.


Candle Color: Red
  • Mars rules Tuesday
  • Mars is of the component of fire
  • Mars runs the sacral (second chakra)

Incense: Monster’s Blood, Pine, Cypress, Benzoin, Tobacco, Coriander, Cumin, Ginger, pepper.


Karma, development, plenitude, significant distance travel, higher instruction, lawful issues, tax collection, speculations, establishments, thriving, opportunity.

Candle Colors:
  • Imperial Blue, Purple
  • Jupiter rules Thursday
  • Jupiter is of the component of fire
  • Jupiter administers the crown chakra

Incense: Cedar, Nutmeg, Honeysuckle, Mace, Lemon, Saffron.


Demise spells/rituals, Dark Magic, Profession matters, poise, perseverance, tolerance, land dealings, life span, whatever has to do with the Earth, causing forbearing through Dark Magic, instead of Planet Mars (mishaps).

Candle Color: Dark
  • Saturn rules Saturday
  • Saturn is of the component of earth
  • Saturn manages the base chakra

Incense: Musk, Myrrh, Civet, Patchouli, Sage.

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