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Western occultism (and, without a doubt, pre-present-day Western science) is unequivocally centered around an arrangement of four of five components: fire, air, water, and earth, in addition to soul or ether. Be that as it may, chemists regularly talked about three more components: mercury, sulfur, and salt, with some concentrating on mercury and sulfur.


The principal notice of mercury and sulfur as base catalytic components originate from a Middle Easterner essayist named Jabir, frequently Westernized to Geber, who wrote in the late eighth century. The thought was then transmitted to European chemist researchers. Bedouins previously utilized the arrangement of four components, about which Jabir likewise composes.


The blending of sulfur and mercury emphatically corresponds to the male-female polarity effectively present in Western idea. Sulfur is the dynamic male guideline, having the capacity to make change. It bears the characteristics of blistering and dry, equivalent to the component of fire; it’s related with the sun, as the male rule consistently is in customary Western idea.


Mercury is the uninvolved female guideline. While sulfur causes change, it needs something to really shape and change so as to achieve anything. The relationship is additionally normally contrasted with the planting of a seed: the plant springs from the seed, yet just if there is earth to support it. The earth compares to the aloof female standard.

Mercury is otherwise called mercury because it is one of the not very many metals to be fluid at room temperature. Hence, it can without much of a stretch be formed by outside forces. It is silver in color, and silver is related with womanhood and the moon, while gold is related with the sun and man.

Mercury has the characteristics of cold and soggy, similar characteristics ascribed to the component of water. These characteristics are inverse those of sulfur.

Sulfur and Mercury Together

In catalytic representations, the red lord and the white sovereign additionally at times represent to sulfur and mercury.

Sulfur and mercury are described as originating from a similar original substance; one may even be described as the contrary sexual orientation of the other, for instance, sulfur is the male part of mercury. Since Christian speculative chemistry depends on the idea that the human spirit was part throughout the fall season, it bodes well that these two forces are viewed as at first joined together and needing solidarity once more.


Salt is a component of substance and rawness. It begins as coarse and polluted. Through catalytic procedures, salt is separated by dissolving; it’s refined and in the long run reformed into unadulterated salt, the aftereffect of the collaborations between mercury and sulfur.

Along these lines, the motivation behind speculative chemistry is to strip down the self to nothingness, leaving everything uncovered to be examined. By increasing self-information about one’s inclination and one’s connection to God, the spirit is reformed, the polluting influences canceled, and it is joined into an unadulterated and unified thing. That is the reason for speculative chemistry.

Body, spirit, and Soul

Salt, mercury, and sulfur liken to the ideas of body, soul, and soul. Body is simply the physical. The spirit is the immortal, profound piece of the individual that characterizes an individual and makes him special among others. In Christianity, the spirit is the part that is decided after death and lives on in either paradise or heck, long after the body has died.

The idea of Spirit is far less recognizable to most. Numerous individuals utilize the words soul and soul reciprocally. Some utilization the word spirit as an equivalent for phantom. Nor is material in this unique circumstance. The spirit is close to home quintessence. The spirit is a sort of mechanism of transference and association, regardless of whether that association exists between body and soul, between soul and God, or between soul and the world

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