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Supernatural powers are isolated into Psychic or magic and spiritual according to the aware of the person through whom they are communicating. There are basically two different ways of living in the world, contingent upon whether you see yourself to be at-one-with the Source or separate from the Source. Spiritual condition of cognizance is an awareness of unity. It is comprehensive. There is no division between you and me, your capacity and my capacity – there is just one Force communicating through everything, hence one living from this condition of awareness approaches all force. He/she is just utilizing it for good because he/she is communicating/her similar to the One Living Soul communicating through everybody and everything. The one living from the cognizance of partition may build up a wide range of forces, yet they will be as restricted in scope just like his awareness. A magician, a mystic, a witch may build up a wide range of forces. He may feel excited with the force he can employ and might be enticed to utilize it unpredictably until he begins to encounter those outcomes of abused force, and becomes roused to follow the higher path, the path that prompts a definitive opportunity and satisfaction. As you develop in cognizance, you understand that whatever you give, you provide for yourself, and whatever you take, you take from yourself, regardless of whether it may not be quickly evident in the physical reality. Whatever your present status of cognizant, we are for the most part advancing toward the acknowledgment of the One Boundless Self-communicating through everybody and everything. Spiritual practices just quicken the normal procedure of development.

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