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Black magic is about the control and course of vitality / energy. The quality of one’s psyche and Aura decide the sort and measure of vitality that one can direct and deal with securely while creating the ideal outcomes. Workings fall flat because of shortcoming of one’s brain and aura, or potentially the operator isn’t as amazing as the proposed casualty. Black Magic is accustomed to achieve equity.

Energy ripping includes drawing off the existence force. One should as of now have a solid Aura that can pull vitality/ energy freely and be ready to transform it for one’s very own benefit. There are two different ways of approaching this. One is the obliteration of casualty’s Aura and the second is connecting a vitality line and depleting the casualty dry. This readies the casualty to be substantially more defenseless against mystic assaults and totally opens him/her for the willed contribution of dangerous vitality from the mage.

One thing to be mindful of, when you take vitality from another being, that vitality has power. The person’s beliefs, encounters and even diseases can factor in. You are bringing this vitality into yourself. You should have the ability to transform this vitality. On the off chance that you don’t transform the vitality, it can influence you. Another option is to coordinate the vitality elsewhere, yet once more, you should be sufficiently amazing to do this viably. we have seen Satan do this with some awful vitality, yet he is a God. If you want to do these follow the steps below.

  1. One ought to have a photo or picture of the person in question. This is so one can imagine him/her unmistakably. This is important to the activity.
  2. Go into a daze state.
  3. Begin by imagining yourself drawing off the casualty’s Aura and crumbling it. You can imagine yourself really eating and ingesting the Aura until it is totally gone or bringing it into your sexual chakra. Continuously draw vitality with your ladylike chakras as these absorb. The manly chakras venture vitality. It is best to absorb this kind of vitality in the lower chakras.


  1. At the point when the Aura is broken down and ingested, picture drawing off the entirety of the inward energies. The casualty should change from white vitality to dim vitality and afterward to dark, demonstrating the existence force has been totally depleted.

Clean your quality and chakras thoroughly after each working and state certifications to transform the absorbed vitality into constructive vitality for individual benefit.

The over four stages ought to be done every now and again, at least 3-4 times each week to more than once per day. It will in the end cause significant damage.

After the working has carried out its responsibility and drained the person in question, one ought to catch up with dark magic workings. Before each dark magic activity, the casualty’s emanation ought to be prepared with dark vitality so he/she will absorb the damaging vitality. Simply envision him/her with a black Aura and continue with the working. Remember to thoroughly clean your own Aura and chakras.  More propelled methods include working with essential vitality and death vitality. When working with death vitality, one must be exceptionally proficient and experienced as this can be hazardous. The existence force is supplanted with the damaging vitality of the components or the death vitality.

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