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Elementals are beings whose spirits are included just a couple of components rather than the five [fire, earth, air, water and ether] we people have. Elementals have a specific level of knowledge dictated by their creator. They can be useful in completing certain assignments on the astral just as in the physical world. They can be servitors. You should as of now be able in working with the components. For more information with respect to the components,

  • Fire elementals show up as a blazing ball before they are formed.
  • Water elementals show up as a glass ball before they are formed.
  • Air elementals will have a somewhat blue color
  • Earth elementals show up mud colored.
These beings are fit for some assignments, below are a couple of models:
  1. Impacting the brains and musings of others.
  2. Separating connections or reinforcing them.
  3. Forming companionships or love/desire connections.
  4. Bending more fragile people to the desire of the mage and controlling them through the essential.
  5. Acquiring clients for those in business.
Directions for making the essential:
  1. The natural ought to be of the component identifying with and of a form corresponding to the craving you wish to have satisfied.
  2. Give the natural a name.
  3. You should put forth your will for the essential with authority in providing it orders as what you need it to achieve. This ought to be a short current state express. “Will” never occurs. For instance, “You are…”
  4. You ought to likewise put forth for the essential that it will be effective in doing its order.
To start;
  1. Go into a daze.
  2. Envision yourself inside the component you wish to use for your work, as you would accomplish for conjuring, yet don’t summon the component. Rather, center and gather the component into a circle before you. The component should be consolidated and incredible.
  3. Presently, shape the basic into the ideal form and dazzle your longing both in feeling and a short expression of order into it.
  4. Name your basic.
  5. In the event that you wish to set a period limit, order your natural to come back to the component it was made from at a particular time, after it has finished its assignment. Inability to do this now and again, can bring about an animal that has a real existence and will of its own and can be a trouble. To keep a loyal component as a perpetual servitor, you should “feed” it routinely by injecting it with more of the component it originated from and furthermore, you should continue programming it.
  6. The essential can likewise be customized to attach itself to and feed from the Aura of the individual you send it to.
  7. To gather the basic, call it by name and will it back. You would then be able to energize it with vitality or potentially another assignment.
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