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The expression “blessed be” is found in numerous cutting-edge otherworldly customs. Despite the fact that it shows up in some Agnostic (pagan) ways, it’s normally more liable to be utilized in a Neo Wiccan setting. It’s regularly utilized as a welcome, and to state “Blessed be” to somebody shows that you want great and positive things for them.

The expression’s origins are cloudier. It is a piece of a more extended custom which is remembered for some Gardnerian Wiccan initiation ceremonies. During that ritual, the High Priest or High Priest conveys what it known as the Five-Fold Kiss, and presents,

  • Blessed be to your feet, which have brought thee in these ways,
  • Blessed be to your knees, that will kneel at the consecrated special stepped area,
  • Blessed be to your belly, without which we would not be,
  • Blessed be to your bosoms, formed in beauty
  • Blessed be to your lips, that will communicate the Sanctified Names of the celestial beings.

It’s important to remember that Wicca is a more current religion, and a considerable lot of its terms and ceremonies are established in Thelema, formal enchantment, and hermetic magic. Accordingly, it’s not amazing that numerous expressions including “Blessed be” show up in different places some time before Gerald Gardner incorporated them into his original Book of shadows Truth be told, the Ruler James Book of scriptures incorporates the section, “Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

“Blessed Be” Outside of Custom

Ordinarily, individuals utilize the expression “blessed be” as a welcome or separating greeting. Be that as it may, if this is an expression established in the consecrated, would it be a good idea for it to be utilized in a more easy-going setting? A few people don’t think so.  A few experts feel that the utilization of hallowed expressions as be “Blessed” should just be utilized inside the orthopraxis setting of customary Wiccan practice, for example in customs and ceremonies. As it were, utilizing it outside of the setting of the otherworldly and sacrosanct is basically wrong. It is viewed as a sacrosanct and otherworldly expression, and not something that you may yell over the parking garage at the pet store, or to a colleague at a get-together, or a co-worker on the elevator.

Then again, a few people use it as a major aspect of normal, non-custom discussion. BaalOfWax follows a NeoWiccan convention, and he says,  “I utilize ‘blessed be’ as a welcome outside of ritual when I’m making proper acquaintance or farewell to different Agnostics and Wiccans, in spite of the fact that I for the most part hold it for individuals I’ve remained in hover with, instead of easy-going associates. In case I’m composing an email that is coven related, I typically close down with blessed be, or just BB, because everybody comprehends the use. What I don’t do, however, is use it when I’m conversing with my grandmother, my collaborators, or the clerk at the Piggly Wiggly.”

Wiccan Priestess Deborah conveyed the main supplication by a Wiccan in the Iowa Place of Delegates, and remembered the expression for her end comments. Her conjuring finished with: “We call this morning to Soul, which is ever present, to assist us with regarding the related trap of all presence of which we are a section. Be with this authoritative body and guide them to look for equity, value and sympathy in the work that is before them today. Blessed Be, Aho, and So be it.”  You may conclude that you’d prefer to utilize “Blessed be” outside of custom, yet just with different Agnostics and that is alright as well.

Do I Need to Utilize “Blessed Be”?

In the same way as other different expressions in the Agnostic vocabulary, there is no all-inclusive standard that you should utilize “Blessed Be” as a welcome or in a custom setting, or even by any stretch of the imagination. The Agnostic people group will in general be separated on this; a few people use it all the time, others feel uncomfortable saying it because it’s simply not part of their formal jargon. On the off chance that utilizing it feels forced or contemptible to you, at that point definitely, skip it. In like manner, on the off chance that you express it to somebody and they reveal to you they’d preferably you didn’t, at that point regard their desires whenever you experience that person.

Manson of Patheos says that:

The explanation simply needs enrichments for someone, from a dubious source. This appears to fit Agnosticism quite well; with such an assortment of gods, and undoubtedly with certain forms of Agnosticism and black magic having no gods by any means, wanting gifts for another without reference to where those endowments are coming from would be fitting for any Agnostic, regardless of what their individual statement of faith.”  On the off chance that your convention requires it, at that point don’t hesitate to incorporate it in manners that vibe common and comfortable and suitable. Something else, it’s a matter of individual inclination. The decision to utilize “Blessed Be,” or to not utilize it by any means, is completely up to you.

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