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Fire Magick is enhanced with conjuring and coordinating the fire component. Fire magick incorporates: Certainty, acclaim, achievement in betting, delight, making sure about ubiquity/mystique, expanding wellbeing and essentialness, mending, security, achievement, magickal power, innovativeness, excitement, vitality, endurance, major changes, versatility, fascination, abrupt changes, incitement, eagerness, imagination, vitality, picking up control, changing karma and affecting equity. Retribution, outrage, unadulterated sexual desire, and physical satisfaction, boldness, assurance, managing adversaries. Prompting mishaps, fires, wounds. Self-assurance, games, quality, magickal vitality for black Magick, force. Actuates desire, vitality, quality, sexual vitality, dynamism, energetic love, physical want, mental fortitude, self-discipline, and games (particularly serious). Bravo strengthening before workings of black magick. At the point when utilized in black magick, fire as contradicted earth is accustomed to welcome on unexpected assaults, mishaps, gore, brutality, and contempt. Fire can likewise be utilized to prompt wars, political agitation, and mercilessness. Appropriately inspiring and coordinating the fire component will bring the temperature up in whatever it is coordinated to.

Water Magick is sex magick and any magick where body liquids are utilized. Sex magick can be utilized with different components also, yet is governed by the water component. Water magick is intensified through conjuring the water component and incorporates: Recuperating, love, having intercourse, (tender; fire is for desire/sex), devotion, compromise, beauty, youth, companionships, fascination, congruity, social capacities, extravagance, delight. meditation, mystic capacity, telepathy, mind perusing, Soul correspondence, absorbing information telepathically. Useful for beginnings and development. The home and prompt environmental factors, creative mind, memory, mystic mindfulness/dreams, spirituality, contemplation. For mystic related, reflective/trancelike, ripeness, marriage, and equalization. Impelling envy, voracity, doubt, disdain, ailment, infection, and disharmony. Water when coordinated to another can make one be excessively passionate, have fierce responses, lash out, and have an exceptionally troublesome time with being objective.

Earth Magick is intensified through conjuring and coordinating the earth component and incorporates: Cash, richness, plenitude, material addition, riches, mending, correspondence with nature spirits, monetary profit, income expands, assets, wealth, guilty pleasure, joy. The earth component is utilized in death rituals and can be utilized alongside death vitality, utilized in restricting rituals, and to absorb, disguise, for restraint, continuance, and tolerance.

Air Magick is intensified through conjuring the air component and incorporates: Mind, PCs, correspondence, sound, video, television, gadgets, books, writing. The Will. For breezing through tests, improving the brain, fixation, mental force, learning capacity, discourse, composing, distributing, media concerns, tattle, defame, interviews, siblings, sisters, neighbors, rumors, burglary, all regions of study and correspondence, additionally astral projection, conquering addictions, getting out from under propensities. Useful for fellowship, creative mind, inventiveness motivation, and moxy. Air additionally induces disarray, mayhem, fractiousness, apprehension, anxious depletion, contentions, and discord.

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