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Individuals have utilized props for a large number of years to aid their concentration during magickal workings. Poppets, herbs that consume and sting to incite agony and outrage, stone circles, and whatever else that would assist with making the correct state of mind, help to animate and heighten the correct feelings, and help to guide one’s vitality and center are known as “props.”

One should be ground-breaking enough to impact one’s condition utilizing the intensity of one’s brain alone without depending upon props. Props certainly help in beginning magick as they give a core interest.

Propelled working with props is an alternate issue and requires imbuing them with vitality or restricting thoughtforms or spirits into them. Here is the place props have genuine power and can become magickal partners inside themselves.

This is all person. A few people appreciate stylized magick and do their best workings when utilizing props. Others work best by simply centering their psyche alone. The important thing is getting results. In the event that something works for you, at that point use it. Remember, what may work best for one individual may not for another. Go with what you are comfortable with and what delivers the best outcomes for you as a person.

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