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 Spiritual Satanism

Spiritual Satanism contrasts from LaVeyan Satanism. We know about the presence of Satan/Lucifer as a genuine being. We are not Atheistic! Regardless of major errors, the Church of Satan, established 1966, by Anton Szandor LaVey, directly accepts a skeptical position most definitely, and perspectives Satan as just a “model”.

Considering new knowledge dependent on many long stretches of extreme and top to bottom exploration, we have found the accompanying:

  1. Satan is our True Creator God.

“YHVH” also called “Jehovah” by the misdirected, is not a true God. “YHVH” represents the four components and corners in the mainstream Jewish frameworks of magick that are accessible to the general population.

  1. The character “Jesus Christ” is imaginary and was taken from some 18+ Pagan legends of a god dangling from a tree, for example, Odin, at that point being restored, and is another depiction of the catalytic activity of transforming the spirit death and afterward restoration. The Nazarene is and has been nothing more than a device to expel all evident spiritual information and incapacitate the masses of their spiritual forces. Mankind has paid as much as of tons of dollars, and with disorder, hopelessness, and enduring because of the evacuation of this information. Spiritual information was deliberately crushed, curved, and corrupted to spiritually and Monetarily Subjugate All of us. By force-taking care of the masses that the Nazarene is a genuine substance, those at the top have kept up control and have procured untold riches and influence.
  2. Genuine / True Satanism went before Christianity by a large number of years and depends on all out transformation of the spirit. Christians are swindled into “accept Jesus Christ” and “living saved” which is all not true. Everything in the Christian religion is false and we demonstrate this beyond all questions. The Christian “saved” lie depends on taken and corrupted information on speculative alchemy, where one really works spiritually to transform one’s spirit into godhead.

Numerous Customary/ Traditional Satanists worship Satan/Lucifer. Some recognize him as a companion and don’t worship. We regard singularity and individual decisions. One’s relationship with Satan/Lucifer is up to the person, as Satanism esteems free idea and singularity.


Satan is the Bringer of Knowledge. The objective of Spiritual Satanism is to apply this knowledge and transform our spirits into godhead, as was originally planned by our Creator God Satan.

In contrast to most religions, Spiritual Satanism urges one to address everything. Being one’s, very own best and surpassing impediments are the substance of Spiritual Satanism and this begins with thinking carefully to their most extreme potential.


Spiritual Satanism doesn’t in any capacity strife with science. We emphatically energize and support all logical information and enquiry. We are very much aware humankind is perilously behind in logical knowledge and comprehension because of hundreds of years of mistreatment by Christianity. We believe that all spiritual and paranormal marvels can be deductively clarified in a reasonable way; logical knowledge has not yet advanced far enough to appreciate or clarify a significant part of the supposed “supernatural.”

There are no mediators in Spiritual Satanism. We emphatically urge our kin to associate one on one with Satan. Everyone’s relationship with Satan is between that individual and Satan. We take the position of “obligation to the capable.” We place no restrictions on knowledge or individual power and do all that we can to make all information accessible to Everybody not only a chosen few who are a self-named “Elite” similarly as with different religions. Satan supports self-study, learning, direct understanding.

Most Spiritual Satanists make a pledge to Satan. The responsibility is important because Satan ensures us as we work to propel our forces. The individuals who go only it or with no spiritual security frequently meet with fiasco. When one makes a dedication, Demons regularly control us and work with us to enable us to progress. Not at all like right hand path religions, Spiritual Satanism supports activity. Satan needs his kin to make every moment count and to advance.

Satan is consistently there for us, yet as we progress, he anticipates that us should deal with things, as we can, for ourselves, utilizing our own forces. Christianity and its cohorts deliberately make disables out of individuals. Christians forever rave about how their Nazarene has mended individuals. These individuals stay as slaves because they are never instructed how to, nor are they required to mend themselves or others. The Nazarene paradigm represents bondage, subjugation, and suffering interminable maltreatment so as to program humankind to be the ideal slaves in New world order. The Nazarene spots absolute accentuation on “Afterlife” so as to make the attitude that the existence we are presently living doesn’t make a difference. This attitude is basic for bearing a wide range of maltreatment for the benefit of a couple.

Concerning the purported “wonders” associated with Christianity, any healings have been not very many and far in-between. These are likewise founded on allegories identified with transforming one’s spirit. Any person with spiritual information and force can achieve the entirety of the accomplishments ascribed to the Nazarene in the good book, and that’s just the beginning. Most Christians are ignorant that they are managing detestable Aliens [enemy Nordics otherwise called “angles” and another ET race known as the Greys], who set up a show from time to time to offer believability to the falsehood. With the New Age professionals, many calls upon angles for help and pick up nothing. A similar topic of human ignorance and frailty wins. Satan/Lucifer is the True Creator Lord of, and the incredible liberator of mankind. He doesn’t fear people having spiritual force and information because he is honest and has nothing to stow away.

Satan gives us the knowledge to become autonomous and free. He guides us to be experts of our own lives and predeterminations. Satan and his Demons are consistently there to help us when there are things we can’t yet deal with.

Satan stays faithful to his obligations; he is reliable and cherishing with his own. Satan represents opportunity, quality, force, and equity. Satan gives us it isn’t alright for us to take misuse. He gives us that we are meriting joy, joy and a better life. He made us through hereditary designing, equivalent to researchers are currently making clones and working with hereditary qualities, however just on a significantly more propelled level.

Numerous individuals dismiss alleged” “Occult” power, they don’t pay attention to it or are in any case totally ignorant concerning it. In all actuality, Occult force has been in the possession of a couple for hundreds of years. Christianity has been their device for expelling this knowledge from the people.

Following the expulsion of knowledge, an imaginary past was concocted to shield individuals from knowing reality. Individuals who don’t comprehend or are new to these abilities are helpless before the individuals who have them and who are adroit at utilizing them. A huge number of years back in ancient Egypt, this force was notable and the greater part of the masses realized how to utilize it. With the appearance of Judeo/Christianity and Islam, knowledge was deliberately annihilated any place it was found.

Urban communities, libraries, and some other wellsprings of knowledge were pulverized trying to demolish all information on the Original Gods (who are extraterrestrials) and the forces of the human spirit. The Gods who associated with, intermarried or befriended humankind were reviled and expelled.

Mankind has been cut off from our True Creator God Satan and has degenerated from that point forward. The maltreatment of kids, creatures, reckless pulverization and dismissal for the earth, the earth, and other living animals are a portion of the impacts of spiritual degeneration. A huge number of years back, some time before the happening to Judeo/Christianity, people lived next to each other with the Divine beings in the period known as “The Golden Age.”

Satan is the Sumerian God known as “EA” or “ENKI.” He is a God, not a heavenly an angle! He has been criticized and defamed during that time with misrepresentations and untruths. The vast majority don’t know Satan. They believe all that they are told about him truly. Dread is an integral asset that has been utilized for hundreds of years to get humankind far from Satan.

Satan is the most splendid and amazing of the Gods. He is represented by the Water Bearer of the indication of Aquarius, the eleventh indication of the Zodiac. Aquarius is the indication of humankind, innovation and virtuoso. One of Satan’s numbers is 11.

Satan/Enki set up the ancient Egyptian Order of the Serpent, otherwise called “The Brotherhood of the Snake.” As the millennia progressed, the lessons have been corrupted and no longer look like the original principles. This Order was to bring humankind faithful knowledge and power to finish the Incomparable Work of transforming our spirits. This knowledge has been kept in the possession of a couple and manhandled to the inconvenience of all of us under the course of the enemy Gods. Individuals are told on the off chance that they are given this force; they will mishandle it. This is another untruth made and spread by the individuals who deliberately utilize these forces for evil finishes under the bearing of the foe extraterrestrials taking on the appearance of “Jehovah” and friends. To uncover these very much held privileged insights to the normal individual would guarantee that those in control would no longer hold their capacity.

The Gods are an extra-earthbound humanoid race of beings. In the Christian book of scriptures (bible), they are alluded to as the “Nephilim.” These beings are very developed, highly progressed, and tremendously educated and incredible. They hereditarily changed their DNA, so they don’t age.

In the Simon rendition of the Necronomicon [this book depends on Mesopotamian/Sumerian folklore, despite the fact that delegated a work of fiction], the expression: When the great or Incomparable Bear drapes low in the sky, alludes to the group of stars Ursa Major, some portion of the Large Scoop. At the point when the planets adjust a specific way, it opens up a movement line for space voyagers. Individuals are continually seeking the sky for when the Gods will return.

Mankind’s sole object was for use as slave laborers in the mines for the Nephilim. We were to be wrecked after the gold mining venture was finished. Satan, alongside a significant number of the Nephilim fathered kids with human moms. These posterities were known as “Demi-Gods.”  Satan is unimaginably solid, splendid, and incredible. He would not concede rout. He lost a fight, yet not the war. Satan/Lucifer Represents Opportunity from Oppression!


Yes, He is alive, strong and steady.

Truly. He connects with his Supporters and devotees. A large number of us have seen him, we have seen the supposed powerful / supernatural, and we have been given capacities route beyond that of the normal individual. At the point when we ask, we find solutions. In contrast to different religions, where adherents need to go looking for their gods, Satan/Lucifer comes to us. He tells us of his quality / presence.

Demons, instead of the entirety of the Christian untruths, are companions of mankind. Demons, who are the Original Gods, give us much individual consideration and assurance, when a solid and believed relationship is built up. At the point when we are near, and under the insurance of Satan, he gives us great Demons to work with. Their Sigils contain important plans of catalytic symbols identified with the opening of the spirit.

Satan isn’t “shrewd / Evil,” nor is Satan liable for the huge number of ailments, sicknesses, or whatever else that besets humankind. These torments are because of the expulsion and demolition of old information that was supplanted with the Christianity programs.

Satanism represents the offset of spirituality with innovation / technology. Without this equalization, developments in the long run breakdown.

“For hell’s sake” Hell is certainly not a consuming pool of fire. Hell isn’t inside the Earth, as some silly Christians guarantee so as to scare individuals. The Christian idea of Hell is extremely ridiculous. A few of us, who are near Satan, have seen Hell” all appear to have had similar encounters. A few spots in Hell are dark and lit / illuminated up by a blue light, and in different spots, there is daylight. One of Lucifer’s colors is blue and Demons regularly show up with a blue light. Blue is an extremely spiritual color. We saw individuals lounging around a table in a bar in Hell, playing a game of cards. The room was smoke filled, these individuals, previously being dead, could smoke to their souls’ content. These individuals were in soul form. Some visit the earth to help people who are on the Left-Hand Path. This is the place Satan keeps his own people, Hell is a place of happiness and joy.

“For hell’s sake” and the “Lower world” are likewise allegories for the three lower chakras; “Hell” represents to the base chakra. The purpose behind this is the fiery kundalini serpent lies curled beneath the base chakra and when animated, it tends to be scorching hot.

Instead of insane Christian cases, Satanism isn’t in any capacity about blood penance. A wide range of homicide and living blood penances can be seen all through the Judeo/Christian book of scriptures. The snake/snake, which represents Satan, speaks to the kundalini at the base of the spine, likewise the DNA. The snake speaks to life. At the point when this force is actuated, we are recuperated and edified / Enlightened.

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