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Question: What happens when I make a commitment to Satan?

Answer: Satan pays special mind to his own. Satan invigorates us an inward and we become solid in soul. Dissimilar to right hand path religions, where followers are forever imploring and scanning for their god, Satan comes to us all alone. Ordinarily, we can feel him. He comes to manage us when we get down, worried, or are encountering issues. He snaps us into line and guides us concerning what we have to do to be engaged and upbeat.

The establishment of Spiritual Satanism is in our completing Satan’s work upon humankind. This is the objective of the godhead, and is cultivated through force reflection/ meditation. Mankind is as of now at a low level spiritually. At the point when we begin to meditate, we experience significant positive changes inside our lives. Satan and his Devils (The Original Gods) secure us and post for us as we transform and accomplish individual force. With Satan, we have insurance that pariahs don’t have. We can progress in the forces of the psyche and soul to the extent we wish. For untouchables, this can demonstrate hazardous.

Satan additionally gives us knowledge. You will discover the way how to join him and us, like the way you have reached here on this website, you’re in the right place to find the real Satan that you have been hearing and looking for.

As we transform and develop, our lives improve and we are a lot more joyful. We learn through Satan how to assume responsibility for our own lives and fate as opposed to being helpless before destiny. We figure out how to mend ourselves, and to satisfy our own wants, utilizing the forces of our psyche and soul.

In making a commitment, we draw in a formal ritual. This is done out of through and through freedom. We are settling on a decision, rather than being hauled off to some Christian church, and recounting canned petitions (taken and corrupted from Eastern mantras) before a lot of numbskulls.


With knowledge and examination, we can demonstrate beyond all uncertainty that the nazarene, “jehova” and kind are on the whole imaginary characters, taken from and corrupted ideas to expel all spiritual information so a “picked” few can control the world utilizing forces of the brain and soul. Because such a large number of have been forcefully inculcated with these characters, and a big motivator for they (Foes of Satan), we revoke them for all time in the commitment ritual. This ends up being mentally solid and liberating. The initiation ritual is extremely close to home, except if you choose to have companions take an interest, or are doing it as a major aspect of a gathering.

You will require:
  • One or more black, blue or red candles (as many as you like or want)
  • A sanitized needle or razor
  • A bit of clean paper, sufficiently enormous to compose the supplication below
  • A dry pen, where you sign your name in blood (plunge the tip of the pen in your blood) NOTE; YOU Just SIGN YOUR NAME IN BLOOD, Nothing ELSE ON THE PAPER.
Compose the accompanying petition:

Before the god-like and unutterable God Satan/Lucifer and within the sight of all Demons of Hell, who are the True and the Original Gods, I, (express your complete name) deny all previous loyalties. I deny the bogus Judeo/Christian god Jehova, I revoke his abominable and worthless child Jesus Christ, I disavow his foul, accursed, and spoiled Essence of God.

I announce Satan Lucifer as my unrivaled God. I guarantee to perceive and honor him no matter what, without reservation, wanting consequently, his manifold help with the fruitful finishing of my endeavors.

It is important to wash before any rituals you perform; this is done out of regard. At the point when you are prepared, you can light the candle. Take the needle, prick the forefinger of your left hand, press some blood out.

Sign your name in blood.

Present the supplication either out loud or in your mind


Fold the paper and let it consume in the fire of the Candle. A large number of us have stayed and ruminated until the light had consumed itself out.

Toward the finish of the ritual, close with the words “So mote it be.” And a Major “HAIL SATAN!!”

Question: Would I be able to perform the ritual more than once?

Answer: NO! Satanic rituals are genuine and official. The ritual should just be done ONE TIME!

Question: I performed the ritual. I could scarcely get any blood on the paper, is the ritual still substantial?

Answer: Indeed!! The measure of blood doesn’t make a difference, this is just a formality. What is in our souls and what our expectations are, are considerably more important than the measure of blood in our mark.

Question: Would I be able to switch the ritual sometime in the future?

Answer: Satanic rituals, in contrast to the rituals in different religions, are genuine and lasting. We got few letters from individuals who were befuddled and bothered by Christians. One individual performed an opposite ritual and Satan left him. Completely. Satan doesn’t propel himself on anybody.

Christians are beguiled. They believe their “God” to be “cherishing” and “forgiving.” In truth, this beast is a resentful, disdainful assailant of people. At the point when one is with Satan, one is consistently under his insurance. He pays special mind to us and we enter another life where we no longer have the worries that others persevere. Things are not great, yet they are in every case much better. Satan doesn’t rebuff individuals who dismiss him, he just leaves and one is disregarded all to persevere through the torments of the foe.

These individuals kept in touch with us because following a while, they were begging for Satan to take them back. The foe failed to help them. All were incredibly remorseful they at any point left and extremely frantic to return.

Question: I am under-age and my folks would cause me significant issues on the off chance that they at any point found me doing a Sinister ritual.

Answer: On the off chance that there is positively no chance you can perform the ritual without putting yourself in harm’s way, you can perform it in your astral Sanctuary/ Temple.

You can do the above ritual when you are more seasoned. Performing the devotion on the astral is just as substantial as doing it truly. Satan is exceptionally understanding concerning adolescents who are forced into tolerating Christianity while living at home and being underage.

Question: I am underage, living in a Christian home and my folks force me to go to chapel and partake in Christian ceremonies. Would i be able to at present do the devotion? Will Satan be irate with me?

Answer: Indeed, you can even now perform the ritual. Satan gets it. For whatever length of time that you are faithful to him in your heart, he won’t be irate with you. Those of you under 18 are not free. There is no compelling reason to uncover your faithfulness to Satan to anybody. What is in your heart is more important than all else. Satan exhorts us in the Al-Jilwah not to uncover our religion to untouchables in the event that it will cause us hurt in any capacity, this is particularly important for adolescents. Simply deny the Christian “God” in your brain in the event that you are forced to take an interest in any of his trash. Satan comprehends it tends to be absolute hazardous, and now and again even perilous for adolescents living in Christian homes to uncover their devotion to him.

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