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Numerous individuals are naturally terrified concerning “Hell” being a position of torture, everlasting perdition, and blazing torment. Actually, since coming to Satan, I have had broad experience both in working with human spirits who have gone from this world, and in observing Satan’s Hell which is a sheltered spot for the spirits who are there.

As opposed to spirits who go to the light when leaving their physical bodies through death; Satan is capable and defensive. He sends demons to escort Satanic soul to Hell. This is to guarantee these souls will be shielded from the light, which is of the adversary. Notwithstanding working with a wide range of Demons, Satan has had me work with human spirits. Despite the fact that their physical bodies are dead, they are a lot of alive and don’t care for being alluded to as “dead.” We talking those of importance in Hell. Most spirits who have lived in Hell, have resurrected. Some are still there for explicit reasons. We can let you know; Satan’s Hell isn’t some place of fire and damnation or brimstone, however a place of safe haven for spirits / souls who are of Satan.

There is somewhere else the Christian “Hell” where Christian believers who miss the mark, wind up. This is the place the horror stories originate from and heavenly attendants have taken some unfortunate people on an individual voyage through this, as they are human despising.

This spot of torment isn’t of Satan, yet is and was made by the Judeo/Christian “God.” The individuals who tie into Christian beliefs and energies are for the most part defenseless:  For more information read (Matthew 25: 41)

Reality in regards to the light observed by numerous individuals in death and with brushes with death can be clarified. Human souls are reaped by cutting edge extra-terrestrials for vitality. These spirits are “judged” according to how flexible they are. With any forces of the psyche, vitality must conform to the desire of the operator all together for the working/s to be compelling. Any opposition makes the spirit unfit. Numerous believers who are regarded unfit are thrown into torture and perdition.

Statement: At the point when we analyze the cube of paradise, we see that it is developed like a living cell with its own arrangement of vitality course and digestion. From all appearances, it is a mammoth sun powered battery/generator which permits the ONE psyche of the aggregate G.O.D. to be ready to take care of off the existence embodiments of the subjugated spirits held inside its “sanctuary columns” and divert their energies according to the desire of the ONE. At the point when an individual kicks the bucket, his life quintessence, soul, or soul is examined by the Spirit Collectors who watch the measurement between physical time/space and the better element of subspace and these Collectors venture a picture before the simply perished soul of an actual existence form that will be conspicuous to the expired, for example, a family member or companion who had passed on before they had (a grandma, strict figure, and so forth.). As such, the Spirit Collector can get the recently expired soul to bring down his protections. The Collector assumes the job of guide and endeavors to lead the spirit to the doors of the Holding Boat. In this Holding Boat, the soul quintessence of the dead individual is examined again to decide its level of virtue of vitality (its absence of safe character qualities) and its capability to give sustenance to the aggregate psyche of G.O.D. This potential depends on the degree that this soul has been curbed through dread and reliance or how compelling strict programming had been on this spirit during its physical lifetime. Those spirits, which have next to zero self-will and have been adequately modified to serve G.O.D. during their lives will have the highest sustenance potential.”

End of Statement

This subject (understandably) has come up ordinarily in the entirety of the gatherings, the Christian idea of “Hell.” There have been instances of specific people who have seen horrors and such from brushes with death and related. A portion of these individuals had connections to blessed messengers who gave them this sort of thing too. This is of Christianity and their God and has nothing to do with the only true God Satan. Most voyages through Hell, for example, in the story of Dante’s are guided by an angle.

Presently, when we state Christian God this term is an aggregate label for the human despising elements out there who have been misusing mankind, utilizing their designed Christian religion as an apparatus. Sometime before photography was promptly accessible and information on extraterrestrials was made open, Occultist Aleister Crowley drew an image of “Jehovah” and the picture was of a dim extra-terrestrial. The grays detest humankind.

Our point in making this post is to console individuals with respect to “Hell.” Realizing the fact of the matter is important and when you open your brain through force reflection / meditation, you will see more and more certainties. The foe has spoiled spots for human spirits who fall into their snares. This has nothing to do with Satan. Things are in reverse. Similarly, as the Jews [who are of the adversary at the soul] denounce and reprimand Gentiles for all that they themselves do, so as to make an interruption and preoccupation and to befuddle, this seeps over into a lot bigger region in the method of what Christianity does. Everything the Christians are and do, they fault upon Satan.

We have heard Christians continue forever about how “The Devil despises mankind” “was a killer and a liar from the earliest starting point” “is about realism” “works to keep humankind from accomplishing never-ending life and immortality” the rundown of horse crap continues endlessly and actually, this all applies to Jehovah, their “God.” One just needs to look to the entirety of the homicides, the unlimited untruths, and the decimation of Gentile countries in the Old Confirmation/ testament of the Bible. Also, the Nazarene which in all actuality was Taken from An idea, was concocted into an imaginary Jewish character for the reason for making another interruption and trickery with the goal that the idea is without its spiritual message so any individual who follows this kike on the cross will never perform the perfect work of art and accomplish immortality. Christians keep habitually parroting “Jesus cherishes you” when the genuine truth is “Jesus detests you!” “Jesus” abhors humankind!

“Jesus” is simply a subconscious apparatus for introducing the Jewish savior [if enough individuals believe in this “second coming” and put their mystic energies into it, the decision kike expected to join the Jews of the world will show up on the scene and oppress each Gentile under the most shocking and severe conditions] and to keep the beguiled from spiritual information, propelling their spirits and accomplishing never-ending life/immortality. “Jesus” likewise fills in as an interruption with the goal that believers never reflect or successfully advance their spirits. The bamboozled believe “Jesus” will deal with everything and that “Jesus spares / saves” when in truth, we as a whole spare our own spirits, given we have the information and that we apply it. The individuals who are denied this information and don’t contemplate will bite the dust and be resurrected again and again, cursed into rehashing similar missteps and absolutely helpless before their predetermination. Take a stab at showing this to Christians. They continue parroting “The Devil deceives” when in truth, it is their own “God.” And, this purported “God” of theirs fears mankind acquiring information and spiritual force? Is compromised by our physical bareness? “Adores / loves” you so much he will damn you to a red-hot pit to consume for all time everlasting? Scarcely our creator. Everything the Christians charge “The Devil” of is actually their own “God.” This is their trickiness. “He deceived the majority.”

Presently returning to those brushes with death and such, Lilith revealed to us something edifying / enlightenment. She disclosed to us that the individuals who have had solid connections to Christianity in their previous existences are available to the enemy. Regardless of whether somebody is non-strict, a skeptic or a freethinker, if there is a solid pith of Christianity on that individual’s spirit from former lifetimes; it is an opening for the adversary to control him/her in this lifetime. Note that the individuals who have had terrifying encounters run straight back to the foe. The foe will utilize the person for a model into terrifying others, and from multiple points of view.

A large number of us have been with Satan for hundreds of years of previous existences. Because of the methodical expulsion of spiritual information, not many of us are truly open and mindful to what in particular is on our own spirit and the spirits of others. Despite where one’s spirit was at in former lifetimes, when one performs the Devotion / Dedication to Satan, this is genuine and perpetual. Christian ceremonies, for example, immersion, affirmation, and such are bogus and non-authoritative. Satanic ceremonies are genuine.

A few people make some harder memories than others do in coming to Satan. For those of us who have been with him through the entirety of our lifetimes, coming to Satan resembles a duck coming to water, a winged animal flying free; it feels so great. There is not much. A few of us, when first opening to Satan and considering/ studying Satanism, have felt a beautiful, comforting warm sparkle of vitality encompassing us. Individuals who have tension, more than likely have previous existence issues with Christianity and additionally other bogus projects of the enemy. These should be survived and performing the devotion / dedication is the initial step, as once one commits one’s spirit to Satan, this is perpetual / permanent.

Close relationship with the foe in previous existences, for example, one being a dedicated Christian, has made one’s spirit exceptionally open to the impacts of the enemy; gaps in a manner of speaking. The enemy at that point utilizes certain people for their own loathsome purposes. A few people have a more troublesome opportunity in approaching to Satan than others, however the individuals who have discovered reality and who are genuine, can conquer any impediments. Key signs that one was with Satan in previous existences are a powerful urge to be with him once more, a higher than normal enthusiasm for the occult, witchcraft and the forces of the brain and soul, and a positive inclination when concentrating genuine Satanism, and in knowing Satan. A large number of us have forces / powers and information / knowledge that have originated from previous existences. We have found out much about the spirit, as we have had the benefit of working straightforwardly with a couple of human spirits who are of major importance to Satan. They don’t care to be classified “dead.” They are a lot of alive, alert, and mindful, with their equivalent characters, character qualities, likes, abhorrence’s, feelings, and everything else they were in their real lives here. The main thing is they don’t have a physical body yet. Rebirth isn’t the main way one can acquire a physical body. The vast majority resurrect because those spirits who are without a body don’t eat, they don’t rest, and essentially, they deteriorate. It is boring for them. The spirit can enter the body of a living being, and appreciate physical joys, for example, eating, contacting various things, and whatever else physical. The spirit without anyone else is additionally ready to feel sexual orgasm. Sexual orgasm isn’t just physical, but at the same time is spiritual, as when orgasm happens, the chakras open, and this is one of the primary reasons the Christian places of worship are and consistently have been against sexual joy, it is a spiritual thing, not physical, that they are against, as they work to annihilate all spirituality.

Additionally, one doesn’t get power through or after one’s physical passing. We take ourselves with us, our characters, our capacities and one’s spiritual force. Hell is faintly lit, from what we have seen of it. Lilith disclosed to us this is for two reasons; one being to ensure the spirits who are there and for another, light is power. Satan’s side has been denied of intensity. They lost a fight, however, not the war.

The encounters in death are highly person. Individuals who are defenseless against the foe, as we composed of in the abovementioned, are helpless before the foe. The entirety of this has to do with over a wide span of time lives. There are other people who for reasons unknown, frequently an important issue, decline to proceed onward and stay as phantoms / ghosts and remain here on earth. As we composed of before in a message on phantoms ghosts, there are regularly serous uncertain issues, for example, one being killed and others not knowing, one’s corpse not being appropriately covered and such, as it makes a difference to the person. Others simply go to the astral. Much has to do with one’s spiritual beliefs assuming any, as one ties into corresponding energies. Satan secures the individuals who are committed. The objective of Spiritual Satanism is physical and spiritual flawlessness and immortality, so you don’t need to pass on and resurrect, and forget all that you learned in this life once more.

Satan deals with his own. We solicited a celebrity human soul from whom we have been working with, what happened when he kicked the bucket (died). He revealed to us four of our Divine beings appeared, took his astral hand, lifted him from his body and took him to Hell where others he realized who had passed on were at that point there and where he has been secure, safe, and extremely ensured.

A pith resembles a hint of vitality abandoned similarly as with a fierce demise, purported “frequented houses” and that sort of thing. An embodiment is simply vitality. A substance doesn’t have a character, feelings, or mindfulness.

We have seen Jew lying foulness lessons that the individuals who have passed on are “unfilled/ empty shells.” Nothing could be further from reality. On account of this sort of thing and the Christian holy places, which are their major instrument, a large number of the individuals who have passed on are forgotten by their families, and survivors; because of spiritual information being methodically evacuated. Survivors visit the unfilled corpse at the gravesites and don’t have the foggiest idea how to contact and speak with their friends and family on the opposite side who haven’t resurrected at this point. The physical body is dead, however the spirit lives on and isn’t dead in any capacity.

With respect to unlimited inquiries concerning self-destruction (suicide), self-destruction ought to be a thoroughly final resort, the greatest number of issues can be defeated through reflection and guiding one’s energies. There are sure situations where self-destruction is the main answer, for example, confronting torture or worse, where there is NO other way out conceivable. The Forces of Hell need us to live. The foe attempts to get individuals to end it all.

The encounters in the above article are my own, yet of other committed Satanists who have additionally affirmed their own encounters in regards to Damnation and working with the individuals who have passed on and are presently in soul form.

  • Satan Never Killed Anybody
  • Satan Never Misled Anybody
  • Satan Acknowledges You as You May Be, And Doesn’t Abhor Human Instinct
  • Satan Rules Over What Is Known As ‘The Occult Which Is Totally Spiritual
  • Satan Gives Us Knowledge and Doesn’t Dread Human Spiritual Progression
  • Satan Doesn’t Dread Humankind.

Even the Christians knows that, Satan never killed anyone, because when someone is dead, during the final prayers to the dead body both in church and on the grave , they say, God is the one who created Him/Her, and the same God, is the one who have taken Him/Her, may his/her soul rest in peace. So where do Satan get involved in this? And who is the murderer/ killer Satan or God?

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