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This short passage that follows in regards to the advancement of superpowers is separated from Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Every single extraordinary force / superpower energy is created through the act of focus, meditation and absorption. Fixation/ concentration comprises of holding the brain fixed upon the Inward Light and the force/capacity you want to achieve. To do this, you can envision yourself remaining in the focal point of the circle of astonishing, splendid white Light, permitting everything else to blur from your mindfulness. Meditation is a delayed fixation. Ordinarily an idea wave emerges, stays in the brain for a second, and afterward subsides down, to be prevailing by another wave. In the act of meditation, a progression of indistinguishable waves is brought up in the brain; and this is done so rapidly that no wave is permitted to subside down before other ascents to have its spot. The impact is one of immaculate progression. After your brain has been centered around a solitary idea through meditation for some time, you’ll arrive at the phase of absorption. Now you’ll feel that you have totally converged with the object of your center, that there is no longer partition between you and what you are mulling over, however rather that you have become the general thought you have been centered around. Fixation/ concentration, reflection / meditation and absorption together form restraint. Discretion on explicit heavenly force brings that power into articulation. It has been said that if the brain can be made to stream uninterruptedly toward a similar article for twelve seconds, this might be called focus/ concentration. On the off chance that the psyche can proceed in that focus/ concentration for twelve x twelve seconds (two minutes and twenty-four seconds), this might be called meditation. On the off chance that the psyche can proceed in that meditation for twelve x two minutes and twenty-four seconds, (twenty-eight minutes and forty-eight seconds) this might be called lower absorption. What’s more, if this absorption can be kept up for multiple times that period (five hours, forty-five minutes, and thirty-six seconds) this might be called complete absorption. By finishing the above procedure on a particular capacity or quality, one gets that capacity or quality.

Instances of Various Superpowers and How to Create Them
  • Without anyone else control on mental impressions, you build up the ability to know previous existences.
  • Without anyone else command over any sort of solidarity, for example, that of an elephant, you build up that sort of extraordinary force.
  • Without anyone else control on the pit of the throat, you build up the ability to curb yearning and thirst.
  • Without anyone else control on nerve-flows utilizing the breath, you may Suspend, stroll on water, or the like.
  • Without anyone else control on the connection of the ear to the ether you increase removed hearing.
  • Without anyone else control on relations of the body to the ether, you can teleport.
  • Without anyone else control on the psyche when it is isolated from the body, all covers are expelled from the Light – and you get the chance to encounter yourself as the Boundless Light.
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