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Like the Void Course Moon, there are times when the energies of the universe are working against us. At the point when certain planets retrograde, the planets and what they speak to toss opposite energies.

At the point when Mercury is retrograde, workings to get knowledge, truth, acumen; to breeze through tests and everything identified with the brain, correspondence, travel, instruction, abstract, hardware and everything else managed by Mercury, the chances are enormously against the accomplishment of such things. Performing spells/magick identified with these things will more than likely outcome in disappointment.

At the point when Venus is retrograde, this is anything but a decent an ideal opportunity for affection, connections, responsibility, creative interests, etc. Love spells will unavoidably come up short or result in a debacle. Hold up until the period passes.

With Mars retrograde, this isn’t an ideal opportunity to perform spells of retribution or brutality/ black magick. They can bounce back and blowback, as the universe is working backward. Spells for bringing harmony and congruity, as in one’s family are supported. Hold up until the retrograde period is done.

Knowing an enemy date of birth, you can work black magick with the energies in their outlines. At whatever point somebody has a retrograde Saturn period (we as a whole have this), you can guide the negative vitality to your own motivations for vengeance. The universe is working against this individual during an awful Saturn travel. Saturn retrograding over close to home planets, through the principal house or less significantly, on the advanced planets, this is the worst a great time. The worst of everything is Saturn retrograde on the graph ruler; you can just know this by realizing the birth time.

Then again, retrograde Jupiter is a gift. Jupiter retrograde over a cherished or wanted one’s Venus, same with Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto concerning love; an adoration spell in coordinating these energies can be best.

Retrograde Jupiter over your own planets, love spells, cash/achievement, advancements and everything else can come in bounty with the best possible bearing. Retrograde Jupiter is the place we karma out and have opportunities.

Assuming responsibility for this period and coordinating the energies will bring about our prosperity.

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