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There is a great deal to be said for performing rituals and magick outdoors. The earth energies act to upgrade one’s internal vitality and capacity. A calm spot ought to be chosen where one is liberated from interruptions. Utilizing a pendulum to find a region is likewise an assistance. One ought to be capable with pendulums as they can give “off” readings to the individuals who are less experienced.

To utilize a pendulum, open a guide of the territory in which you wish to utilize and point with a pencil, pen or whatever to explicit areas on the guide, asking the pendulum whether the particular area would be supportive of your workings. You can likewise ask the pendulum where the most impressive earth energies are found. Take your pendulum to the spot and stroll around. In the event that exceptional earth energies are available, your pendulum will begin to circle. Over extremely intense spots, it will about circle so quick, it will go into a turn.

Stone circles are perfect for improving earth energies and for a spot to assemble your clairvoyant energies and forces. The color of the stones is important. Utilizing earthy colored stones will intensify the earth vitality to be coordinated into your working. Earthy colored stones will likewise enhance your clairvoyant capacity and pull in earth spirits.

You should begin by denoting your region and putting your stones around the checked region. There ought to likewise be four focuses inside your circle where you will conjure the Four Delegated Princes of Hell (and summon the four components for cutting edge mages). These four focuses ought to correspond to headings as you would for a standard ritual. Lit candles ought to be at the four focuses. You can likewise welcome Demon companions into the hover with you. You ought to be ready to feel their essence, or for those of us who are progressed, to see them in the hover with you. After you have collected your circle and are prepared to begin, it is important to take in form the earth and envision an incredible electric blue light coming up gently from your feet, and into your hand, holding the athame. Point the athame, direct the light to the tip, and imprint your circle, imagining the blue light and drawing a counterclockwise hover with it.

The energies raised should be coordinated to your particular objective. At the point when they top, assemble them into a shining ball or other form based on your personal preference, send the form on its way with directions, and picture the vitality infiltrating your objective.

At the point when you are done, victory the candles, north, at that point west, south then east. Utilizing your forefinger pointing, delete the entirety of the blue light of the circle, moving clockwise in a smooth, slow scope. Thank your Demon companions (in the event that you had any go with you) and dissipate the stones.

You can likewise utilize the intensity of a stone hover to ruminate / meditate in. This will demonstration to improve your vitality. Meditation should be possible sitting or resting. Utilize the blue light for the entirety of your workings. Satanism is unified with nature.

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