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We realize that Satan generally to be the Genuine Dad and Creator Divine force of humankind. We know “Yaweh/Jehova” of the bible to be an imaginary element, and the individuals behind forcing this lie, to be the genuine swindlers of humankind and the bosses of falsehoods. This is obvious in the numerous inconsistencies inside the Judeo/Christian Book of scriptures, uncovering this content to be the work of individuals who had mysterious information and injected it with capacity to make it valid, and to instigate dread so as to control.

We have discovered Satanism is the original religion of humankind. We have done our examination. Satanism depends on the antiquated religions that originated before Judaism and Christianity from hundreds to thousands of years.

Christianity was a response to the original Pagan religions, labeled as “Satanism” signifying “Adversary/enemy” in Hebrew. In the event that you read through the information contained inside this site, we demonstrate this.

Christianity was concocted to evacuate spiritual and occult information (the forces of the brain) from the people and spot this force in the possession of a “picked” not many to the drawback of all humankind. The forces of the brain and soul are genuine. Individuals who are uninformed of or who don’t believe in these forces are anything but difficult to control and control by the individuals who are gifted in utilizing these energies.

The Original Gods (Demons) were unjustifiably labeled as beasts and marked as “shrewd” to keep humankind from spiritual information. Because of this, humankind has radically declined both spiritually and mentally. Spiritual Satanism unequivocally advocates all learning, information, request, and free idea.  Spiritual Satanism supports the detachment of chapel and state. Satanists don’t push Satanism or prosyletize.

  • Satanism is definitely not a “Christian development.”
  • Satanism originates before Christianity and every single other religion.
  • Satanism isn’t about frightens, trolls, vampires, Halloween beasts or other related elements.
  • Satanism isn’t about “evil.”
  • Satanism isn’t a “response to Christianity.”
  • Satanism isn’t about death.
  • True Satanism is tied in with lifting and engaging mankind, which was our Actual Creator (Satan’s) aim.
  • We know Satan/Lucifer as a genuine being.


Spiritual Satanists recognize science and believe everything of the occult /extraordinary to have a reasonable logical clarification. We believe mankind has been kept down hazardously around there because of the hoax of Judeo/Christianity and its tireless assaults upon science for hundreds of years.

We practice power meditation to progress spiritually and to hoist ourselves. Force reflection/ meditation is as fundamental for the human spirit as food is basic for the human body. The serpent, a symbol of Satan speaks to the fiery kundalini force wound at the base of the spine, which after rising, transforms the human brain and soul to a lot higher degree of comprehension and capacity. This is the genuine importance of “Raising the devil.” The Serpent symbol of Satan additionally speaks to the DNA helix of life. We work legitimately with Satan. We believe every single individual who is willing and aware can have an individual relationship with Satan.

We take our precepts and practices legitimately from Satan himself. For much longer than could possibly be justified, enemy of Satan, for example, the Christian houses of worship have been at liberty to direct lies concerning Satan and Satanism. These untruths have been the establishment of occult violations and different grievous acts that they by implication advance. True Satanism has been effectively and passionately smothered for hundreds of years and many out of ignorance believe lies about Satan and respond accordingly.

Spiritual Satanism is a real existence cherishing religion. Satan acknowledges us as we seem to be, yet controls us to propel ourselves to where we develop to a higher level. Spiritual Satanists are allowed to carry on with their lives as they pick duty to the capable. We live by normal law and urge everybody to create themselves to their fullest degree.


We know we “spare/ save” our own spirits rather than cases of the Nazarene sparing anybody. Satanism depends on the genuine transformation of the spirit through force contemplation. The Nazarene is an invented substance, whose character was taken from some eighteen and above killed Pagan gods, for example, Odin, who dangled from a tree and is just an instrument to hold mankind heavily influenced by a picked not many. The Nazarene has been utilized in Christian masses and administrations as a substitute for a human living blood penance, uncovering their actual reason. The Judeo/Christian religion is an awful deception on humankind of calamitous proportions. For a trick to prevail there must be an absence of information with respect to the person in question. The Christian religion and its cohorts effectively stifle information and free idea, urge individuals to be slaves, and never supporter or show anything for the betterment or headway of mankind. Rather than the stories of how the Nazarene recuperated individuals; Satan gives us how we can mend ourselves and perform supposed supernatural occurrences, utilizing our brains and the forces of our own spirits. Through enabling ourselves, we have certainty, confidence and accomplish spiritual headway and freedom.

Spiritual Satanism puts no restrictions on building up the forces of the psyche known as “witchcraft” or “magick.” We believe in equity and similarly as military specialists are versed in the employments of Dim Mak and different parts of physical battle, Spiritual Satanists are versed operating at a profit Crafts of “magick” should they ever require them. Individuals who are unconscious of these forces are vulnerable against them, and the people pulling the strings know this very well. Satan doesn’t endure bad form.

Spiritual Satanism doesn’t in any capacity approve soul maltreatment as instructed in the old-style grimoires. The Demons who were bound and constrained to do the offering of the sorcerers are currently free and anybody utilizing the nine-foot circle strategies and “Jehova” names is welcoming individual catastrophe. The demon are our companions and with deference and respect in gathering through Satan, we try to build up commonly beneficial associations with them. Spiritual Satanism advocates uniqueness, liberty, and freedom.  Clearly Satan isn’t the “trickster of mankind.” Christians are the deceiver of Humanity.

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