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In spite of the fact that related with Satanism, a way of thinking dependent on the Christian understanding of the fallen holy messenger, Luciferianism varies in that it doesn’t adore simply the fiend figure or Satan however the more extensive figure of Lucifer, a substance speaking to different translations of “the morning star” as comprehended by antiquated societies, for example, the Greeks and Egyptians. In this specific situation, Lucifer is an image of illumination autonomy, and human movement and is regularly utilized conversely with comparative figures from antiquated beliefs, for example, the Greek titan Prometheus or the Jewish Talmudic figure Lilith.

Luciferians for the most part support the insurance of the normal world. Both expressions of the human experience and sciences are urgent to human turn of events and in this manner, both are esteemed. Luciferians believe that people ought to be centred around this life and how to benefit as much as possible from it each and every day. The capacity to perceive both great and insidiousness, to acknowledge that all activities have both positive and negative results, and to effectively impact one’s condition is a key factor.

The Luciferian reasoning as of late has been characterized in an aggregate establishment, known as the “11 Luciferian Points of Power”, authored by Michael W. Ford. The premise of Luciferian theory develops and supports independence, self-decided decisions dependent on key application and constantly looking to improve the Will through defeating difficulties. Luciferianism is insightfully polished with the nonstop cycle and procedure known as Liberation, Illumination and Apotheosis.

For Luciferians, illumination is a definitive objective. The fundamental Luciferian standards highlight truth and opportunity of will, worshipping the internal identity and one’s definitive potential. Conventional creed is disregarded as a reason for morality in light of the fact that people ought not require divinities or dread of endless discipline to separate right from wrong and to do great. All thoughts ought to be tried before being acknowledged, and that being said one ought to stay distrustful because information and comprehension are liquid. Whether or not Lucifer is thought about as a divinity or as a simple original, he is a portrayal of extreme information and exploration just as humankind’s saviour and a victor for proceeding with self-awareness.


Theistic Luciferians believe in Lucifer as a real divinity. In any case, Lucifer isn’t worshipped as the Judeo-Christian God however is adored and followed as an instructor and companion. Theistic Luciferians are supporters of the Left-Hand Path and may hold fast to various dogmata set forth by organizations, for example, the Neo-Luciferian Church or different assemblies which are vigorously centred around Ceremonial magic, the Occult, and exacting understandings of profound (spiritual) stories and figures.

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