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The sun is a symbol of intensity and vitality. Albeit now and again alluded to as a Sun Wheel, this symbol speaks to the Wheel of the Year and the eight Wiccan sabbats. The expression “sun wheel” originates from the sun oriented cross, which was a schedule used to stamp the solstices and equinoxes in some pre-Christian European societies. Notwithstanding being spoken to by a wheel or cross, once in a while the sun is portrayed just as a hover, or as a hover with a point in the middle.

The sun has for quite some time been a symbol of intensity and magic. The Greeks honoured the sun god with “judiciousness and devotion,” Because of the sun’s sheer force, they made contributions of nectar as opposed to wine, they realized that it was important to shield a divinity of such force from becoming inebriated!  The Egyptians distinguished a few of their gods with a sunlight-based circle over the head, demonstrating that the god was a lord of the light.

Normally, the sun is connected with fire and manly vitality. Summon the sun to speak to fire in ritual or for relationship with the course South. Praise the sun’s capacity at Litha, the midsummer solstice, or its arrival at Yule.

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