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Planetary Correspondences in The Western Occult Custom

In the Western occult custom, every planet is related with specific characteristics that an occultist may wish to draw in. There is likewise a long arrangement of correspondences for every planet: symbols, materials and items that are related with the specific planet and can assist with directing planetary impact. Here are some normal correspondences for Saturn, as recorded by Agrippa, whose works are usually referenced and imitated.

Helpful Impacts:

To deliver, to make a man safe, to make a man amazing, to cause accomplishment of petitions with sovereigns and forces. Marsilio Ficino and others likewise connected Saturn with savvy people, whose psyches are more grandiose and heavenly than those of regular society. This is on the grounds that Saturn is the most noteworthy planet in occult cosmology and consequently nearest to God.

The Sigil of the Insight of Saturn, the advantageous daemon of Saturn

Sinister Impacts:

Impedes building and plantings for example development, throws a man from respects and poises, causes dissension and squabbles, scatters armed forces. Saturn was generally held as a disastrous planet and emphatically connected with despairing. Ficino demanded that Saturn stayed unfriendly to non-scholarly people. (Ficino positively included himself among the positions of educated people, and furthermore happened to be brought into the world affected by Saturn.)

The Sigil of the Soul of Saturn, the venomous daemon of Saturn

Numbers: 3, 9, 15 and 45.

Divine Names Offering an explanation to The Quantities of Saturn:

Ab, Hod, Jah, Jehovah Extended.

The Enchantment Square of Saturn, and how planetary numbers are determined and divine names related.

  • Holy messenger: Zaphkiel
  • Creatures: Lapwing, Cuttlefish, Mole


Metal: Lead.

 In spite of possessing the most noteworthy/ highest of the planetary circles, Saturn, similar to the Moon, is viewed as inaccessible from the Sun (which sits among Venus and Mars) and in this manner are the coldest planets in the framework. In that capacity, the elevated Saturn is related substantial, material lead.


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