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Numerous occultists inside the Western Occult Custom follow works on including parts of different ways. This makes summing up the occult incredibly troublesome and is the reason it is increasingly valuable to depict singular occult ways. Also, not all adherents of these ways name themselves occultists, and pariahs should be delicate to such contrasts in definition.


Hermeticism created around the second century in an assortment of writings once ascribed to Hermes Trismegistus yet now comprehended to be crafted by numerous unknown writers.


Neoplatonism was established in the third century by Plotinus, and created by some of his counterparts or close to peers. Neoplatonic works depend on the philosophical works of Plato, especially those identifying with his hypothesis of structures and the distinction among outright and saw reality.


Jewish otherworldliness as talked about in an assortment of sources, most quite the Zohar. A lot of Kabbalah, especially inside Judaism, has to do with the revelation of more profound implications inside Jewish blessed writings. Non-Jewish types of Kabbalah are the ones most ordinarily named as the occult.


Gnosticism is an expansive scope of convictions for the most part delineating reality as immaculate spirits made by an ideal god caught inside the material world made by a flawed or abhorrent soul. Gnosticism additionally emphatically underscores the quest for concealed information on humankind’s condition as a method for getting away from it, which is the reason Gnosticism is regularly sorted as the occult.

Alchemy (Speculative chemistry)

Speculative chemistry is the investigation of transmutation on both physical and profound / spiritual levels. In light of the Hermetic standard “as above, so below,” speculative chemistry holds that by learning of the properties of the physical world they may gain proficiency with the insider facts of the profound one also. The most regularly known objective of speculative chemistry is the transmutation of lead into gold, which is to a great extent a similitude for changing something coarse and foul into something great, uncommon and entirety. It is discussed whether chemists at any point attempted to really change physical lead, or whether it was altogether figurative.

Crystal gazing (Astrology)

Crystal gazing is the assurance of impacts taking a shot at Earth that begin in the flawlessness of the divine bodies.


Numerology is the control of numbers to uncover extra data and significance. This can include both the understanding of numbers themselves just as appointing numerical qualities to letters as well as words.


Thelema is a religion and theory dependent on the works of Aleister Crowley concerning the looking for and articulation of one’s Actual Will, or predetermination.


Wicca is a neopagan religion that has numerous roots in the convictions and functions of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and it stresses recondite information and individual spiritual experience, especially in its progressively customary structures.


Not every single Evil practice can be named as the occult. Individuals from the Congregation of Satan who basically grasp the invigorating lessons, for instance, are not occultists in any feeling of the word. In any case, numerous Satanists consolidate occult supernatural practices into their ceremonies (counting Church of Satan originator Anton LaVey), and a few types of Satanism are inalienably occult, for example, the Sanctuary of Set.


Theosophy depends on the works of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Theosophy likely bears the most Eastern impacts of any path in the Western Occult Convention. Theosophists look for information on their higher, increasingly spiritual selves, of which our regular character and cognizance are commonly uninformed.


Divination is an assortment of strategies for foreseeing likely results or perusing the impacts encompassing an individual, time or occasion.


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