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Vitality from stars can be utilized to improve individual qualities, for instance to reinforce self-restraint. Explicit stellar energies can likewise be utilized in rituals. Absorbing vitality from Venus before performing an adoration spell can extraordinarily aid the ideal result of the working. It is important to know the idea of the star/s you mean to summon vitality from, as certain stars, for example, Polaris and Caput Algol are incredibly damaging and individuals who have conjured these energies have gone crazy. So as to viably absorb heavenly energies, one ought to be knowledgeable about taking in vitality. The Vitality meditation trains us on the best way to do this.

This activity ought to be performed outdoors where you can see the star obviously.

  • Unwind and go into a stupor.
  • Close your eyes and state the name of the star a few times while envisioning it.
  • Continue rehashing the name of the star either quietly or so anyone might hear a few times and attempt to feel the star. You should begin to feel the vitality.
  • Presently accuse your Aura of vitality until your whole existence is shining. This is done through representation. Take in the vitality from the earth into your feet and fill your whole existence with it. Presently, remain beneath the star and envision a line of vitality about a foot wide stretching out from your emanation and associate it with the star. Begin to take in the vitality from the star. The vitality of each star has a particular color according to its traits. Picture the stellar vitality immersing and growing your aura with this color upon each breathe in. You can program the vitality with certifications while you are breathing it in. For instance, you can avow: “I am taking in efficient power vitality from Venus that is bringing me a lot of free and income sans work in a glad manner that is all mine and spend however I see fit.” your general existence soaked with green and with each breathe in, the green becomes more and more lively and amazing.


A rule for the colors of stars is:
  • Red-Martian vitality, outrage, brutality, unadulterated desire.
  • Blue-serene, quieting, spiritual,
  • Yellow-acumen; mind
  • White-purifying, quality
  • Orange-innovativeness


You can utilize a gem to absorb and store vitality from stars to be utilized sometime in the not too distant future in a ritual or at whatever point you need it. Hold the precious stone under the star in your palm and take in vitality from the star through your hand chakras, just carry it into the gem. Simply imagine it entering the precious stone and lighting up and additionally increasing in the gem. At the point when you need to absorb the stored vitality, simply grasp the gem, and take in the vitality through your hand. Imagine the vitality entering your hand and stretching out to your general existence and aura. The precious stone can likewise be put over any chakras you decide for wanted impacts. Simply take in the vitality.

A variety of the above is to program the precious stone to absorb the heavenly vitality and forget about it under the star for whatever length of time that the star is noticeable and sparkling on it. Simply center your will into the gem and reveal to it you need it to absorb vitality from whatever star you pick. Rehash the name of the star a few times and venture the picture of the star into your gem utilizing your third eye.

You can likewise absorb vitality from whole constellation bodies. This ought to be done a little at once until you know about the energies and the impacts.

A propelled practice is to absorb the energies of a star you know about into your chakras. Try not to do this except if you are as of now comfortable with the star’s belongings and energies. Simply take in the vitality. You ought to be comfortable and experienced with Chakra Breathing It is best to work with heavenly energies that are in amicability with the chakra you are working on. The energies ought to be of a similar color.

You can make star charged water. Utilize a spotless magnet, place it at the base of a compartment of water and program it like a precious stone. The water will absorb the vitality. By drinking the water, you will absorb the vitality. This can be a simpler method to find out about the energies of the star you wish to work with, before truly absorbing any of its energies.

Here is a rundown of stars and their energies. To learn more with respect to the season the star is obvious, and the presence of the star or constellation body.

FIXED STARS: Permit 1 – 2 degrees orb for conjunctions and restrictions to different planets. Conjunctions and resistances are the main viewpoints that issue, with conjunctions being generally important. The accompanying translations concern when a fixed star is conjunct a planet in one’s diagram or an edge or is conspicuous. The idea of the planet likewise ought to be mixed in with the idea of the fixed star. Individual planets, for example, diagram ruler/s and edges are important, with the impact of the fixed star being stressed in both the existence issues and in the character.

The four most conspicuous fixed stars are:
  • Aldebaran; 9 degrees of Gemini
  • Regulus; 29 degrees of Leo
  • Antares; 9 degrees of Sagittarius
  • Formalhaut; 3 degrees of Pisces
These stars can likewise be conspicuous in magick.
  • The Aldebaran is known as Watcher of the East.
  • The Regulus is known as Watcher of the North.
  • The Antares, is known as Watcher of the West.
  • The Formalhaut is known as Watcher of the South.


ALPHERATZ – (Sirrah] [14 Degrees Aries)

Opportunity, love of movement, speed, scholarly and can demonstrate wealth and honors. The character frequently has solid inspiration, stiff necked attitude and the capacity to make a move. Those with this position regularly precede the general population and are famous with the majority. There is a chivalrous and agreeable nature, which is useful for connections.

BATEN KAITOS – (20 degrees of Aries)

There can be forced relocation, mishaps, and wreck.


MIRACH – (0 Degrees Taurus)

This star can give satisfaction in marriage, bestow imaginative ability, and give an adoration for beauty. There is frequently solid instinct, alongside a splendid psyche, and much imaginative ability. The demeanor is liberal and adoring. These individuals regularly cause companions to effectively and motivate others. Mirach gives beauty, and an affection for the home and family.

HAMAL – (6 Degrees of Taurus)

There is a requirement for individual freedom. These individuals frequently have a solid will, and detest authority. This arrangement gives autonomous idea and initiative capacity. At times, there can be remorselessness and planned wrongdoing.

ALMACH (Alamack) – (14 degrees of Taurus)

This star gives a mainstream impact, making one popular and bringing benefits originate from others, alongside a conspicuous position, and conceivable distinction. There is regularly masterful capacity.

CAPUT ALGOL – (25 Degrees of Taurus)

Caput Algol is one of the most savage stars in the zodiac. In natal diagrams, this gives a most brutal mien, alongside lethal propensities. These savage inclinations are increased when one is inebriated with drugs and additionally liquor. Here is the awful, savage, mean, and horrendous alcoholic. On the upside, it can bestow athletic capacity. The exceptional nature, when sublimated, can give the drive to arrive at the top, however the undertakings of the planet possessing this degree regularly end in catastrophe and misfortune. At the point when conjunct the descendent, viciousness can emerge out of others, particularly the darling or marriage accomplice. We have noted more than one individual with the Sun related to this star in being a pathological liar.

ALCYONE – THE PLEIADES – (29 Degrees of Taurus)

This star is awful for the vision and can in any event, bring visual deficiency. It additionally carries sorrowful occasions with something to cry about. There can be sharp understanding, solid aspiration, and a cruelly critical nature. There is regularly an adoration for nature, and the outdoors. There can be potential wounds to the face.

HYADES – (5 Degrees of Gemini)

Hyades gives an incredible sex drive, alongside an eager, overindulgent and extreme nature. These individuals are regularly exploitive of others. There can be colossal accomplishment throughout everyday life, except an absence of control and negative behavior patterns can cause one’s ruin. There is regularly much imperativeness and the vitality level are high. This situation gives an ability for military exercises and the military.

THE EPSILON TAURI – (7 Degrees of Gemini)

This star gives imaginative ability, composing capacity, prominence, logical and Occult capacity, and is frequently noticeable in the graphs of stargazers. These individuals frequently make remarkable commitments in their picked fields.

ALDEBARAN – (9 Degrees of Gemini)

Watcher of the East: Aldebaran runs the hands and fingers. There is an inclination to shortcoming of the lungs and conceivable pneumonia. The demise is regularly savage. Those with this situation have high desire, and they regularly pull in hazardous foes.

RIGEL – (16 Degrees of Gemini)

Rigel gives enduring wealth, honors and favor. At the point when unmistakable, it is useful for military professions, [especially if related to the midheaven] and mechanical capacity. There is encouraging capacity and the character is to some degree conforming. Aspiring and persevering, these individuals can remain on top, as long as effort is kept up.

BELLATRIX – (20 degrees of Gemini)

Bellatrix brings military and different honors which can end in a debacle. This star is terrible for the vision. There is an inclination for speedy dynamic. Those with this star conspicuous are frequently firmly stubborn, and have a belligerent, brave, and bold nature. On the off chance that Bellatrix is related to the midheaven, one might be a backstabber or forger.

CAPELLA – (21 degrees of Gemini)

There is frequently superior knowledge, alongside an affection for learning and examination. Capella brings military as well as clerical honors and wealth, frequently followed by waste and waste, prompting ruin. The character can be flighty and surprising here and there.

ALNILAM – (23 degrees of Gemini)

Alnilam bestows honors, particularly when related to the midheaven.

POLARIS – (28 degrees of Gemini)

Polaris can give spiritual forces and much regard picked up from them. There can be conceivable incessant disease as well as physical issues. Cash originating from others can experience issues and misfortune. At the point when this star is noticeable, the impulses and sound judgment is solid alongside the capacity to discover one’s direction.

BETELGEUSE – (28 degrees of Gemini)

This is one of the most fortunate of fixed stars and is as often as possible unmistakable in the diagrams of the individuals who have had major accomplishment in life. Betelgeuse brings riches, honors, popularity and fortune.

SIRIUS ORION’S GREAT DOG STAR – (13 degrees of Cancer)

Amazing situation in government, alongside honors and distinction. There can be threat from hounds, alongside being defenseless against viciousness.

CASTOR – [20 degrees of Cancer]

Conceivable brutality, alongside unexpected acclaim, trailed by jail or disrespect. Castor brings shortcoming of the eyes, and wounds to the face. The demeanor is typically respectful, with solid standards.

POLLUX – [23 degrees of Cancer]

Pollux gives athletic capacity, and is favorable for military craftsmen, fighters, contenders and warriors. This star is terrible for the vision, and can carry wounds to the eyes and face. There can be associations with harms. Honors are regularly trailed by disfavor, and conceivable detainment. There can be a merciless, unobtrusive, and conspiring nature.


PROCYON – [25 degrees of Cancer]

An affection for hounds, yet there can be threat from their nibbles. Accomplishment comes through close to home efforts. Threat from fluids, toxic substances and gases. The nature is frequently desirous, aggressive, and solid willed. These individuals like to see thoughts put without hesitation.

PRAESEPE – [7 degrees into Leo]

Praesepe is extremely awful for the visual perception. Misfortunes can emerge out of others. The character is bold, fierce, unreasonable, and crazy.

ALPHARD – [26 degrees into Leo]

Absence of control, brutality, unscrupulous, subject to detainment and disaster. Association with toxic substances and poisons.

REGULUS – [29 degrees into Leo]

Watcher of the North. Prophetic capacity, autonomous and high lively. There can be damaging inclinations, and military honors. These individuals regularly acquire places of intensity, alongside progress, and have authority capacity. There is additionally the chance of disfavor and a deplorable tumble from a noticeable position.

ZOSMA – [9 degrees of Virgo]

Exploitation, despondency, enduring, subject to burden and misuse. Those with this star noticeable regularly truly endure somehow or another. There can be physical issues and additionally incapacities.

DENEBOLA – [21 degrees into Virgo]

Honors and riches, indiscretion, disfavor, laments, misfortunes through common forces.

VINDEMIATRIX – [9 degrees into Libra]

There can be an inclination to having spinal issues. The marriage can be unfortunate, and now and again, the loss of the accomplice through death. There are frequently major issues and misfortunes through ladies. [Bill Clinton is an ideal model here].

ALGORAB – [13 degrees of Libra]

One who is damaging, pernicious, devilish, beguiling and lying. Here is the unscrupulous specialist or government official. The character is conceited, and can be enchanting and wily. There is a solid propensity towards deceptive nature.

SPICA – [23 degrees of Libra]

There can be riches and honors, alongside fortune and popularity. Spica gives capacity in technical studies, in expressions of the human experience, composing capacity, melodic abilities, and much inventiveness. These individuals are typically amiable. Spica is an incredible benefactor to any planet it is conjunct.

ARCTURUS – [23 degrees of Libra]

Enduring accomplishment through close to home effort and self-assurance. Fortune can come through movement. The nature can be hot tempered.

PRINCEPS – [2 degrees of Scorpio]

better than expected in knowledge, useful for research and an ability for science.

ALPHECCA – [11 degrees of Scorpio]

This star makes one masterful, with an ability for verse, and the Occult and recuperating capacity. There is regularly achievement in business, alongside initiative capacity. There is a propensity to be a maverick.

SOUTH SCALE – [14 degrees of Scorpio]

This star can bring inconveniences, as it is conjunct 15 degrees. There can be physical abnormalities as well as serous medical issues. It has gained notoriety for making one powerless to harming.

NORTH SCALE – [18 degrees of Scorpio]

This star regularly gives honor, qualification, aspiration, and good fortune.

UNUKALHAI – [21 degrees of Scorpio]

This star shows a misfortune in some region, both natally and in forecast. This misfortune isn’t generally negative in forecast. There can be corruptions, an absence of restraint and a risk of toxic substances. The character can be unrefined and revolting.

ANTARES – [9 degrees of Sagittarius]

Watcher of the West The nature can be rash, obstinate, stubborn, and valiant. The existence meets with capricious occasions, surprising bombshells and changes, and lost achievement can emerge out of self-fixing. There is military and military inclination, bringing honor and favors. This is a warrior star. The individuals who have this star noticeable in their diagrams frequently rebel against spiritual and strict mistreatment, acquiring exceptional changes these regions.

LESATH – [23 degrees into Sagittarius]

Frank, unreasonable, related with acids, and peril.

ACULEUS – [25 degrees into Sagittarius]

There can be issue with the visual perception. Aculeus bestows administration capacity, however makes one subject to mental, verbal, as well as spiritual assault. These individuals are regularly survivors of tattle.

ACUMEN [27 degrees into Sagittarius]

These individuals on the drawback can get worn somewhere around life and just not care anymore. There can be disfavor, legitimate issues, and conceivable detainment.

WEGA – [15 degrees into Capricorn]

Occult ability, alongside wealth and acclaim. The nature is optimistic, self-absorbed, confident, masterful, and refined.

DENEB – [19 degrees into Capricorn]

Useful for military, fruitful warriors, capacity for authority and order. The nature is regularly benevolent.

TEREBELLUM – [24 degrees into Capricorn]

Eager, plotting, insightful. There can be fortune, yet with blame and perhaps an awful notoriety.

ALTAIR – [1 degree into Aquarius]

Strong, certain, stubborn, abrupt riches, position of high order, peril from reptiles, a gutsy daring individual.

GIEDI – [2 degrees into Aquarius]

Penances are regularly made, and odd occasions happen in the life. There is a lot of doubt and question.

ARMUS – [11 degrees into Aquarius]

Pestering, insecure, terrible, angry.

DENEB ALGEDI – [23 degrees into Aquarius]

One’s life is frequently brimming with changes, alongside partying day in and day out. These individuals are typically trustworthy, just, and reasonable, with an information on human instinct.

FORMALHAUT – [3 degrees of Pisces]
Watcher of the South.

The impacts of this star can be variable, for better or for worse. This star can bring achievement and monetary riches, however there is frequently extremely difficult work alongside a lot of duty. It can increment and enhance whatever planet its conjuncts.

DENEB ADIGE – [4 degrees of Pisces]

This star frequently gives better than expected knowledge, and a hopeful nature. Cash can be made through expressions of the human experience and sciences. There is regularly mystic ability and an agreeable manner.

ACHERNAR – [15 degrees of Pisces]

Regal honors, achievement in open office, philosophical, persistent, slanted to religion. There can be misfortune and issues with any planet at 15 degrees.

MARKAB – [23 degrees of Pisces]

There is a propensity to peril from fire, fever, cuts and blows. This star can bring good fortune, and is favorable for spiritual interests and contemplation. One’s desire are regularly not understood.

SCHEAT – [28 degrees into Pisces]

There can be misfortune, conceivable self-destruction, suffocating, one’s being killed, alongside quickly picking up and furthermore losing companions. The nature is frequently unusual, with an inclination to fantasize.

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