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Sexual orgasm is comparable in capacity to the existence force. Utilizing sexual orgasm in ritual and in your magickal workings can give much added capacity to your result. Sex Magick is old, very incredible and is the inventive guideline.

Right now, of orgasm, one naturally enters a concise daze state. The amazing orgasmic vitality would then be able to be coordinated. The vitality is envisioned as a splendid brilliant light like the sun and can be coordinated into thoughtforms, the one of one’s wants, charms, etc.

Ladies and men both vary in sexual vitality. Ladies will in general top in power according to cycles. Ladies are at the tallness of their capacity directly before and during feminine cycle. Mystic work, astral projection and different interests that require increased affectability are incredibly helped after a solid orgasm. Orgasm is likewise an astounding method to instigate unwinding before contemplation.

Sexual liquids, both semen and vaginal emissions, and furthermore menstrual blood have the intensity of the existence force.

  • Right now, of orgasm, it is important to guide your whole fixation and want to your objective, willing it. Imagine the orgasmic vitality as a beam, ball or vortex, infiltrating the item/individual, illuminating it with a splendid Aura of vitality that is modified. This is essential straightforward sex magick.

Sex magick should be possible alone, or with an accomplice or Demon/ess or in a gathering. When working with others, it is important as in all magickal rehearses that everybody work along with a type of organized effort. Combining orgasmic energies with an Evil presence/ess is very incredible.

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