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Similarities and Differences

To the unenlightened, Satanists and Luciferians are frequently viewed as very much the same thing. All things considered, Luciferians and Satanists (mystical just as LaVeyan/skeptical) both are named for the figure that conventional Christians see as the devil, the encapsulation of wickedness. Be that as it may, while the two gatherings do share a great deal for all intents and purpose, Luciferians see themselves as very discrete from Satanists and in no way, shape or form a subset.

The Luciferian differences

The Luciferians see Satanists as being basically cantered around the physical idea of man, exploring, testing, and appreciating that nature while dismissing any goals or effort ascend beyond it. They believe that Satanists consider the to be of Satan as an insignia of sexuality and materiality. Luciferians, then again, see Lucifer as a spiritual and edified being, one that does in fact ascend above negligible materiality. While Luciferians do grasp the pleasure in one’s life, they acknowledge that there are more prominent and more otherworldly objectives to be sought after and accomplished.

Numerous among the Luciferians consider Satan to be Lucifer as images of various parts of the equivalent being, the licentious, rebellious and material Satan versus the edified/ enlightened and profound/ spiritual Lucifer.

Luciferians likewise will in general consider Satanists to be excessively reliant on Christian understandings. From the Luciferian point of view, Satanists hold onto qualities, for example, joy, achievement, and sexuality absolutely because the Chrisitan Church has generally denounced such things. Luciferians don’t consider them to be as goes about as rebellion yet rather, believe themselves to be propelled by autonomous idea.

Luciferians put more accentuation on the parity of light and dim/ dark, considering Satanism to be a more uneven belief framework.



The two traditions do, nonetheless, share much in like manner. Satanism’s and Luciferians are both highly individualized religions. While there is no single allowance of faith-based expectations, rules, or creeds for either gathering, a few generalities can be made. When all is said in done, the two Satanists and Luciferians:

  • View individuals as divine beings—beings who have authority of the planet. In contrast to the Christian relationship to Jesus, the two Satanists and Luciferians offer appreciation to Lucifer as opposed to worship him. They are not compliant to Lucifer but rather believe he has numerous things to educate them.
  • Hold to a lot of morals that incorporates demonstrating admiration to the individuals who merit it and taking off alone those individuals who have caused no issues.
  • Support innovativeness, greatness, achievement, opportunity, singularity, and pleasure.
  • Reject opinionated religion.
  • Are opposing toward Christianity, in spite of the fact that not to Christians. Luciferians and Satanists see Christians as being casualties of their own religion, excessively subject to their religion to escape from it.
  • View Satan or Lucifer in an unexpected way in comparison to do Christians. Satan or Lucifer isn’t viewed as the exemplification of fiendishness. To worship a being of genuine evil is viewed as the demonstration of a maniac for Luciferians and Satanists.

A Gander at Satan Through the Eyes of the Luciferians

The Lucifer of the Luciferians


Christians regularly believe Satan and Lucifer to be two names for the equivalent being. Satanists additionally normally utilize the names reciprocally. Luciferians, be that as it may, don’t, nor does the Holy book.

Biblical Origins

While Satan is referenced all through the Book of Bible, Lucifer is referenced just a single time, in Isaiah 14:12: Furthermore, if that doesn’t sound extremely Evil/ Satanic, that is because it isn’t. It is tending to, Nebuchadnezzar lord of the Babylonians, who decimated the Main Sanctuary/ Temple and ousted the Jews more than 2500 years prior. Rulers regularly have an assortment of titles, and “morning star” was one of his. It is a prescience of the annihilation of the foes of the Jews.


The planet Venus is regularly called the morning star. In Latin, the morning star Venus was now and then alluded to as Lucifer, truly “carrier of light.” This is the manner by which the word originally entered the Book of scriptures (Bible), and it was advocated in English by the king James Bible.


The Lucifer of the Luciferians

It is this idea of light- bringer (carrier) that Luciferians grasp. For them, Lucifer is a being that brings out edification in the individuals who really look for it. He isn’t outer force that hands out information to such an extent as one who helps a searcher in bringing it out of himself.

Parity is likewise a huge segment of the idea of Lucifer. He is both spiritual and animalistic, as are people, according to Luciferians. He is balance over boundaries. He is both the light and the Darkness, as you can’t have one without the other, and there are exercises to be gained from both.

Some Luciferians look at Lucifer as a genuine being, while others consider him altogether representative. Many concur that at last it doesn’t really make a difference since the centre is upon the standards of Lucifer, not accommodation to a heavenly knowledge.

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