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There are various ways you can utilize blood in magic, and none of it must be hurtful. Think about utilizing it in security magic, recuperating spells, and even fruitfulness magic. Incorporate it into your customary magical workings. A few ladies select to utilize menstrual blood as opposed to pricking the finger; in the event that you do this, utilization a menstrual cup to gather what your requirement for a spell.

Candle Magic

To do a basic assurance spell with blood magic, you can do a touch of flame magic and add blood to give it a lift/ boost. Utilize a black candle for this spell. Consolidate a couple of drops of your blood with base oil, and bless the flame thoroughly in the blend. Roll the candle in your decision of defensive herbs, dried and powdered. Light the candle and let it torch right as the wax consumes, alongside the oils, herbs, and your blood, you’ll manufacture amazing defensive vitality.

Talismans, Ornaments/ amulets, and Charm Bags

On the off chance that you are very brave magic to do, making a talismans, amulet, or charm bag is an incredible methodology. You can bless a magical talisman or Amulets with a drop or two of your blood, and once it’s dried, keep it in your pocket or on a cord around your neck. In case you’re making a mending/ healing, when you’ve filled it with herbs, stones, and different things, include a couple of drops of your own blood, and afterward seal it shut.


In some magical customs, petitions or demands are composed on paper and sent to the spirits or the gods. On the off chance that you need to bring richness, flourishing, or bounty your way, compose an appeal to the gods or spirits of your training. When it’s recorded, sign it by putting a speck of blood, with at the tip of your finger, on the paper. The request would then be able to be moved up, put under a candle, or conveyed to the universe in the normal way of your belief framework.

Divination tools  

A few people bless their magical and divinatory tools rune stones, Tarot cards, athames, or wands with their blood to make a more remarkable magical connection between themselves and the apparatuses. You don’t need to do this, however on the off chance that you do, ensure you just utilize a drop or two.

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