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  • Satanism is definitely not a Christian development
  • Satanism originates before Christianity and every single other religion
  • Satanism isn’t about scares, trolls, vampires, Halloween beasts or other related substances
  • Satanism isn’t about “evil”
  • Satanism isn’t an innovation of, or a “response” to Christianity
  • Satanism isn’t a formation of Anton LaVey
  • Satanism isn’t about death
  • True Satanism is tied in with lifting and engaging humankind to arrive at correspondence with the Divine beings, which was our Actual Creator (Satan’s) aim



Because of hundreds of years of misinformation, lies, and the methodical evacuation of information, not many individuals nowadays comprehend or even recognize what “Satanism” truly is about.

Christianity has been at liberty to direct with no resistance, what they Guarantee Satanism to be. So as to achieve this, reality must be pulverized. The Catholic Church (the original Christian Church, from which every Christian order have advanced), deplorably tortured to death and mass-killed a large number of guiltless men, ladies and youngsters in what was known as “The Inquisition.” A few kids who were singed to death in what were known as “witch houses” were as youthful as two years of age.

Christians forever cause a ruckus concerning the one world order where all characters, societies, individual protective measures, and liberties will be lost and humankind, in the wake of being methodically bar-coded, will be lumped into a one world slave state forever and ever. What they neglect to see is the manner by which their own supposed religion and book of scriptures have consistently been and are the foundations of and outline for this system. Everything in the Judeo/Christian Bible has been taken and corrupted from religions originating before Judaism, Christianity, and Islam from hundreds to thousands of years. Through Judaism and its instrument of Christianity, the entirety of the original spiritual lessons from around the globe, (which are Ideas) have been taken from, lumped together into the “one,” and corrupted into Jewish prime examples and characters and imaginary spots. This has given the Jewish individuals all in all a false history, political force and “spiritual” authority to which they are not entitled.

The Bible is a ground-breaking subconscious instrument to control the majority. One can see this is a man-made work as there are unlimited logical inconsistencies. The bible has been methodically drummed into the brains of the people from an early age. An untruth should consistently be enforced rather than reality which can remain all alone. Because spiritual information and occult force have been expelled and kept in the possession of a “picked” few, the unconscious people has been vulnerable against it. The plan here is to make a one-world slave state with the “picked” hardly any decision at the top. The perpetrators obviously accuse Satan to make a vital interruption, while they utilize occult capacity to achieve their closures. They have a history of taking from and censuring their foes for all that they truly are and do, while continually holding themselves in the highest regard and blamelessness.

The original religions currently known as “Satanism” (incidentally, “Satan” signifies “foe / Enemy” in Hebrew), were totally founded on what is known as the “Magnum Opus” or Incredible Work. The one known as “Satan” is our Actual Creator God. He was forestalled by different Gods from completing his work on mankind, that of the godhead. The godhead is physical and spiritual flawlessness. Presently, in the event that you keep on perusing on, we will demonstrate this.

The serpent is seen wherever in old relics and structures. The serpent was held consecrated in every aspect of the ancient world. Satan is the God Ea, otherwise known as ENKI, one of the first of the Nephilim to show up on this planet and set up the main human advancement. In Sumerian folklore, Enki’s image was consistently the serpent.

The serpent represents to the DNA, the existence force and the kundalini and has made due as the token of the American Medical Association and Veterinary medicine, where it is emblematic of life and recuperating. Just with the happening to Judeo/Christianity, has this hallowed symbol been spoiled and reviled.


About us all know about the expression “fallen.” This word has been utilized bountifully by Christian ministry to allude to Satan and his Demon. In truth, “fallen” relates to the kundalini snake (which has consistently been related with our Creator God Satan), which has fallen in humankind all in all and now lies dormant at the base of the spine. Because of this, mankind overall is on an extremely low degree of spiritual comprehension. Negligent maltreatment of youngsters and creatures, silly wars, fierceness and perpetual corruption are the consequences of the fallen serpent.

The “Tree of Life” which was taken from the ancient Pagan religions and discovered its way into the biblical books of Beginning, was seen in numerous pieces of the old world in heaps of ancient sanctuaries and in certain burial chambers. The “Tree of Life” is really a guide of the human spirit. The storage compartment is the spine and the branches are the pathways for the chi (bioelectricity).

The serpent is the thing that engages the spirit, bringing the all-powerful condition of super awareness known as “samadhi.” The “Sun-God” in truth is the chunk of consolidated chi (bioelectricity), which is pictured and flowed through each of the chakras (Gods) to enable and scrub the spirit, utilizing explicit Meditation. This is stage one of the Perfect works of art.

The stolen records in the Judeo-Christian bible for people living for many years or more were taken from the goal of the Magnum Opus. This is the place all supposed “witchcraft” prompts alchemy of the spirit. This is the highest and most significant working of the human brain, that of achieving the godhead of which is our bequest given to us from our Creator Satan.

The radiance seen in numerous canvases is the witch power of the risen kundalini. The Christians stole this idea from the original religions, both east and west. The Buddha is seen with a radiance as are a considerable lot of the Hindu Gods for one model.

The time wherein the original religions ruled was known as the “Golden Age.” Around 10,000 years prior, the Gods left us. This article isn’t to delve into the subtleties with regards to how or why. This will be canvassed in a different article. The Gods are an extraterrestrial race of beings. Indeed, there have been a few diverse outsider races that have lived here on planet Earth, and have looked into people, either as companions, adversaries, or neutrals.

The primary Gods who associated with humankind and are our creators (through hereditary building) are the race of Gods known as the Nordics. They live all through the cosmic system in a few distinctive heavenly bodies. They are highly cutting-edge in information, insight, and in soul. Some are useful to people as are Satan and the Senior Divine beings who have been labeled as “Demons.” Some are impartial and others are and have been working for our devastation. To make this understandable to our fellow people out there, there has been a war over humankind in which Satan and his Demons wish to give us the Knowledge in order to raise ourselves to spiritual and physical flawlessness, while the enemy wishes to keep us spiritually ignorant as slaves so as to utilize our life force (spirits) as a free vitality gracefully.

In numerous works of a spiritual or Occult nature, the expression “God” or “Gods” was additionally used to describe the seven chakras. Because of hundreds of years of oppression of the individuals who had spiritual information, principles contained numerous allegories and code words. The number “seven” is rehashed unendingly in the Judeo/Christian bible. This is a corruption of the seven chakras of the spirit.

The original cross was equivalent equipped, as observed in a significant number of the Demon Sigils, with the focuses (delegate of the chakras) flaring out. Other notable models are the Nazi Iron Cross and the Bikers’ cross. In truth, this is the state of the human spirit, and speaks to the four components (fire, earth, air and water) of which the human spirit is included. The number four was taken and corrupted in the Judeo/Christian Bible similarly as with the number seven, the most conspicuous model being the four accounts.

The Tarot, which originated in Egypt and depends on the groups of stars (Egypt was the focal point of Spiritual Alchemy) has developed into a deck of cards, of which current playing a game of cards originated after the trump was disposed of. The Tarot has a concealed message and directions for performing the Magnum Opus. From the Tarot, the Jewish imagined “Torah” was taken, with the original lessons being thoroughly corrupted. The Jewish “Torah” is otherwise called “The Five Books of Moses” (another imaginary Jewish character dependent on Sargon and Thutmose) or the “Pentateuch.” The five books were shams from the five suits of the Tarot: Wands/Poles (the component of fire), Pentacles/Coins (the component of earth), Cups (the component of water) and Swords (the component of air), with the trump being the aether or pith. Every one of the five components form the pith of the human spirit (the fifth component of core holds the four together) and are utilized in the working of the Magnum Opus.


Every one of the Jewish characters and models in the Bible are imposters taken from Pagan Gods. “Jesus” is not Real being, however an Idea. For those cheated Christians who believe they have encountered “Jesus” in all actuality, they are communing with evil extraterrestrial beings. Aleister Crowley while in a stupor state, drew an image of what is known to be “Jehova” (a corruption of “YHVH” another remove from the four quarters and components, making the ‘name’ pronounceable) and drew a grey. Around then, information on ET’s was not across the board and photographs of them were non-existent. These equivalent beings are said to have made an arrangement with the Vatican: spirits in return for riches and influence in the possession of a couple. To achieve this end, all spiritual knowledge must be evacuated. No trick can succeed if the casualty has knowledge. So as to be successfully misled, one must be unconscious. Satan is the carrier of knowledge and Enlightenment. He has nothing to cover up.

Returning to the Nazarene, the cross of which we may include was not found in wherever of worship until after the ninth century and is another remove from the four quarters, the Jewish model “Jesus/Yeshua” is an Idea. The 33 years he was said to have lived speak to the 33 vertebrae of the human spine of which the kundalini climbs. The execution represents the Magnum Opus: the torture, the death, and the revival. Origins that represent this work incorporate the Egyptian phoenix (born again from the remains), the Egyptian God Set, who was executed on a furka, the story of Isis and Osiris, where Osiris was ruined into nearly nine sections and was restored by Isis.

The so-called mother of false Jesus; Virgin Mary, is a corrupted imposter of Astaroth. Michael the Archangel is the equivalent and was taken from Marduk. Archangel, so called Gabriel was stolen from the Egyptian God Thoth; Raphael was stolen from Azazel and Uriel from Beelzebub. Once more, another removes from the four quarters.

Human sexuality has consistently been seriously controlled and disliked by the Christian Church. This is because sexuality and orgasm as the existence force are basic to spiritual progression and the raising of the kundalini serpent. Because the congregation couldn’t administer sexual action, they enforced a teaching of extraordinary terror. The people, deprived of all information and spiritual force (ignorance= dread / fear) succumbed to lies. “For Hell’s sake” rose on the scene. The word “Hell” was stolen from the Norse word Hel speaking to the Norse underworld. In truth and reality, the words; Heaven and Hell are code-words for the base and crown chakras. Each endeavor was made by the church to supplant any spiritual relationship with these numbers and any huge numbers that were identified with the human spirit, for example, 144,000, which is the number of Nadis inside the human body to channel the existence force. The number two became equivalent with Satan. The second chakra is sexual in nature and controls human sexuality, so obviously any relationship with two was malevolent. Blockages in the second chakra keep an individual totally subjugated spiritually as the existence force remains totally dormant in the first chakra.

With dread, human beliefs and musings can be controlled. Humankind was persuaded this ubiquitous and “all-ground-breaking” “God” could know they’re each and every idea and activity. Through dread, individuals began to monitor their own contemplations and activities. The seven ceremonies (another remove from the seven chakras) of the Catholic Church enforced exacting authority over each phase of an individual’s life. The most control was practiced through the alleged “sacrament” of “confession.” Through confession, the church had much more control, that of knowing the most profound insider facts of the terrified populace. This empowered the decision ministry to have control over lords, sovereigns and other mainstream government.

Satan lets us know operating at a profit Book (The Al Jilwah), that numerous works and messages have been adjusted. After investigating the origins of different fantasies and religions, we find numerous authors are at a difference, both strict and mainstream. This is because of the Christian Church’s precise decimation and expulsion of Ancient knowledge. To exacerbate the situation, huge numbers of the staying original reports that got away from annihilation have been adjusted.

The Gods left us reality, inscribed in stone. The pyramids (the pyramids are looking like the chakras) have remained against time. It is obvious these old stone monuments were built for future mankind, left to us by the Gods who knew about our destiny. These landmarks represent themselves. They were worked to mirror the developments of the stars and go about as a schedule for beginning the immeasurably important work of the Magnum Opus. The Magnum Opus is normally initiated in the spring, when the Sun enters the indication of Aries, which is known as the Vernal Equinox. The exact time for beginning this work is at 3:00am, which is the hour of the one and only true God Satan. This is the genuine hour. The imaginary nazarene was said to have died at 3 pm. 3 pm is really 15:00, not three and is accordingly false.

The “Horned God” originates to Sumeria. The Sumerian Gods wore headgear with horns. This originates before Judeo/Christianity by a huge number of years. In addition, and to make this clear, the Pagan religions were known for their worship of the Horned God. Just with the happening to Christianity, were they over and again got rid of, however kept on reemerging and endure. Once more, the Horned God was defamed and labeled as “shrewd.

The Horned God is a symbol of the chi, the bioelectrical life-force. This is spoken to by Mercury, as it is brief, until fixed through the Magnum Open. The glyph for the planet Mercury has the horns, you can make your own research and find out.

The carvings and the hieroglyphics on the Temple dividers and the pyramids despite everything stay with us today, as proof of reality for the individuals who have enough spiritual knowledge to decipher them. This is the reason the Gods engraved these into stone. Satanism depends on the Perfect work of art. The entirety of the Satanic symbols, the accentuation on witchcraft and knowledge; these speak to the accomplishment of the godhead. The Magnum Opus is the thing that Satanism is about: mankind arriving at physical and spiritual flawlessness.

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