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Black guidelines over the base chakra, the planet Saturn, the component of earth and in the original religions, it implied fresh starts. In Evil speculative chemistry, dark speaks to the progression of void reflection and transformation.

Blue Black.

Black absorbs, disguises, and makes disarray and turmoil / chaos, fresh starts, information on concealed things, the holder of light, one of the most impressive of colors. Utilize Black for poise, perseverance, and tolerance. Black is additionally a decent color to use to carry discord and disarray to foes. It very well may be utilized likewise for insurance, restricting negative forces, separating impediments and squares, switching and separating negative thoughtforms. Best when applied to other people

Facts, intelligence, security, internal harmony, dependability, Occult force and extension. Jupiter rules imperial blue-Karma, extension, plenitude, significant distance travel, higher instruction, lawful issues, charges, (use with green) ventures, establishments, success, and opportunity. Spirituality, bringing Demons, mending, motivation, commitment, quietness, truthfulness and truth, devotion, inward harmony, information and intelligence, amicability in the home, Occult force and extension. Blue can likewise be utilized in spells, when the color is applied to other people and coordinated for prompting wretchedness, bitterness, misery, absence of sympathy, briskness and agony. Blue principles over the throat chakra. Blue is of the water component.


Incredible Fortune, instinct, getting, divination, quick karma, budgetary benefits, we believe gold pulls in bigger aggregates of cash. Utilize green with shining gold for cash contemplation. Gold is utilized for mending, satisfaction, authority, notoriety, honor, and individual force. Utilize gold for certainty, distinction, accomplishment in betting, joy, making sure about ubiquity/appeal, expanding wellbeing and essentialness, mending, assurance, achievement, and magickal power.


Gold is one of the most remarkable of the colors. Satan has a brilliant / golden aura. Gold is the color of the Sun, and is of the component of fire. In Satanic alchemy, gold speaks to the flawlessness of the spirit. Both the colors gold and white-gold are seen all over in the ancient Egyptian pictographs, in the sanctuaries and pyramids. Gold is the color of wealth and influence.


Cash, richness, bounty, material increase, riches, mending, correspondence with nature spirits, mitigating. Venus rules green-Love, having intercourse, (tender; red is for desire/sex), loyalty, compromise, beauty, youth, companionships, fascination, congruity, monetary benefit, income builds, social capacities, assets, wealth, extravagance, joy. Useful for beginnings and development. Venus rules green-Bounty, ripeness, achievement, general good karma, congruity, immortality, liberality, material increase, restoration, marriage, equalization and mending. Green can likewise be utilized for impelling envy, covetousness, doubt, hatred, affliction, illness, and disharmony when applied to other people and coordinated. Green standards the heart chakra.

Indigo (Blue-Violet)

Meditation, clairvoyant capacity, telepathy, mind perusing, Soul correspondence, absorbing information telepathically. The Moon rules over indigo. Indigo is of the component of the pith/ether/soul. Indigo guidelines the third eye, alongside the colors of silver and white, and the 6th chakra.


Inventiveness, eagerness, vitality, endurance, and is an amazing color of major changes. Orange assists with flexibility, fascination, unexpected changes, incitement, eagerness, inventiveness, vitality, picking up control, changing karma and prompting equity. The Sun rules orange. Orange guidelines the inventive/sexual chakra (second), and is of the component of fire.


Mystic capacity, knowledge, divination, expelling curses, mending, clairvoyant work, business achievement, affecting individuals in power. Amazing color with energies that can be hard to deal with. It tends to be utilized when applied to others to instigate oppression, maltreatment of intensity, vision and affecting individuals who have control over you. Useful for inducing trouble and bad form in others. Jupiter rules purple. Purple standards the crown chakra.


Vitality, enthusiasm, outrage, inflammatory, desire, quality, secures against clairvoyant assault. Mars rules red-Retribution, outrage, unadulterated sexual desire, and physical delight, mental fortitude, assurance, managing foes. Red is utilized for inducing mishaps, flames, and wounds. Red can likewise be utilized for self-assurance, games, quality, making magickal vitality for black magick, (Useful for self-empowerment before workings of black magick) and inciting power. Prompts desire, vitality, quality, sexual vitality, dynamism, enthusiastic love, physical want, fortitude, self-control, sports (particularly serious), and imperativeness. At the point when utilized in black magick, red rather than black welcomes on unexpected assaults, mishaps, slaughter, viciousness, and contempt. Red can likewise be utilized to affect wars, turmoil, and mercilessness. Mars rules red. Red is of the component of fire. Both the colors red and dark principle the root chakra.


Creates mystic capacities, kills circumstances, repulses damaging forces, works with female divinity powers. The Moon runs the color silver-the home and quick environmental factors, creative mind, memory, clairvoyant mindfulness/dreams, spirituality, meditation. For clairvoyant related, thoughtful/mesmerizing. The Moon rules silver. Silver principles the third eye.


Universally handy, balances the air as all color radiates from white light. Empowering, defensive, animating, moving, devastates ruinous energies, cleans the aura. Gives assurance when applied to other people and coordinated. The Moon rules white. White standards the third eye, alongside indigo and silver.


Yellow is the color of insight, PCs, correspondence, sound, video, television, hardware, books, and writing. Yellow standards the sun-based chakra of the will. Administered by the planet Mercury-yellow can be utilized for finishing tests, improving the psyche, for more profound fixation, mental force, learning capacity, discourse, composing, distributing, media concerns, tattle, criticize, interviews, siblings, sisters, neighbors, rumors, burglary, all territories of study and correspondence, additionally astral projection, beating addictions, and bringing an end to propensities. Useful for kinship, creative mind, imagination (orange is more impressive for innovativeness), motivation and mystique. Yellow can be utilized to actuate treachery, cowardliness, rot, sickness, kicking the bucket, madness, and irregularity in others. Yellow is of the component of air. Yellow principles the sun powered plexus chakra.


Never utilize Grey on yourself! Grey is the color of disease and terrible vitality. Grey, applied more than once to the aura of a loathed one, can achieve a moderate death, whenever modified to do as such.

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