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Satanism is a religion of the brain / mind. Almost one hundred percent of Satanists being equal, at various times have polished and have taken a genuine enthusiasm for witchcraft, magick, and the Occult. Witchcraft has consistently been interchangeable with Satanism. “Witch” signifies “wise one.” Because of mistreatment, most sorcerers and specialists of the magickal expressions/forces of the mind, years back worked in mystery. Witchcraft and the occult are spiritual. Satanism has consistently been amazingly spiritual.

The Gods are for the most part extra-terrestrials. In about each true record of direct human connection with Aliens, the Aliens showed propelled forces of the brain. Telepathic correspondence occurred, even with people who had no past involvement in this. Levitation, telekinesis, mending, performing a brain wipe (Where one forgets everything that occurred), and different forces of the psyche, regarded extraordinary by people are typical for the majority of these beings.

Witchcraft is simply endeavoured by people at achieving forces of the psyche that are our bequest. For hundreds of years, the Christian Holy places, and their cohorts have done their best to terrify individuals from endeavouring to utilize the intensity of which different beings known to man have full access. The sole reason and target of Christianity has consistently been to evacuate all spiritual knowledge and keep mankind from getting to the forces of the brain and soul, so this force can be kept in the possession of a “picked / chosen” not many for world mastery, where everybody will be oppressed and brutalized. Humankind has been kept perilously and deliberately down by Christianity. This not just places us all in all in a genuinely helpless and unprotected position, yet in addition damns the spirit that is at the total leniency of different beings who do have spiritual force.

The enemy extra-terrestrials, which outnumber the individuals who are well disposed to mankind, view humankind as beasts to be misused. They will likely utilize the vitality of our spirits after we pass on, for their own motivations. The main way they can succeed is through humankind’s spiritual ignorance and absence of spiritual force. This is one explanation we firmly urge individuals to perform the commitment/ dedication ritual to Satan. At the point when we make a pledge to Satan, he secures us as we advance spiritually. Many, who go only it with sorcery and propelling their spirits, meet with debacle. This doesn’t originate from Satan, yet is from the foe who uses dread and pessimistic encounters to terrify and debilitate individuals from achieving any genuine force. The individuals who arrive at a specific level, stand apart on the astral.

Some purported “scares” are as a general rule extra-terrestrial, including the Cyclops, pixies, mythical beings, elves, and others. Pixies, dwarves, and related are basic beings that just have a couple of components that involve their spirits, where people have five: fire, earth, air, water, and ether. Single-component beings are likewise capable at astral projection and different accomplishments, which clarify a significant part of the “mental trips” experienced by the individuals who open their brains up enough to “see” them.

Non-conformity is a major piece of Satanism. The individuals who conform are sheep and will never have the solidarity to think for themselves enough to see reality and advance to a higher level. One can’t conform on the off chance that one wishes to enable one’s self. One should totally realize one’s self so as to develop and adequately practice magick and not follow the group. Each issue can be tackled with the correct sort of knowledge. Knowledge additionally dispenses with dread and is the way to control.


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