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At the point when I originally began rehearsing magick and Demonolatry, I was unable to make sense of why nothing was going on and I began to become anxious, however then in the wake of conversing with older folks of my gathering, they disclosed to me that everybody experiences that. It takes practice. It’s not something that you can simply play with to a great extent and anticipate that it should work. It takes diligence. With me, I simply continued difficult and trying, at that point when I witnessed something and I saw that it was no fantasy, I would not like to ever stop. Such a large number of individuals have come to me and stated, “well I’ve been attempting these rituals and nothing is occurring”, and afterward they simply need to surrender it. You shouldn’t let yourself get disheartened, simply continue attempting and trying.

Applause hell, Hail SATAN!
– Augustine

Welcome all, Yes Father is magnificent! He mended me just as of late. I had issues with my liver for as far back as year and a couple of days prior I got my blood test results indicating my liver was presently inside the solid range. It was nothing genuine yet it generally focused on me a little since I’m just 23 and my liver is kind of helpful to me! 🙂 Father knows when we are not well and he is consistently there for us.

Hail Father!



I originated from a catholic foundation, yet it was as of late that I changed over to Satanism. I unearthed this website by some coincidence while I was feeling down and discouraged. I do let it be known wasn’t generally a decent an ideal opportunity to go to Father Satan simply like that. Be that as it may, I had been scanning for answers this year, which numerous Christians simply guarantee, my confidence is powerless, I ought to ask more, and so forth, also the sentiment of self-blame, self-accusing propensities which made me have a low confidence. One just needs to look carefully to locate that numerous Christian lessons do negate one another. Be that as it may, I would just expectation individuals would come to meet Dad Satan in a liberal way. This encourage was given to me by this website and it’s actual.  The least to state, Father had given me a glow and completeness which I never felt. Liberation is the word here. At any rate now I realize the significance to carry on with one’s existence with pride and honor. Give yourself and Father Satan a possibility. In spite of the fact that I am generally new, I had never lament doing as such.”

Dim Favors!!

– Rose


My life has done a total pivot and I at long last have the harmony inside that I have been searching for as long as 27 years, of my life. I generally had an uncomfortable inclination when my folks would drag me off to chapel like something was extremely amiss with what I was hearing! I trust what I am attempting to state makes since to you because I don’t generally have the foggiest idea how to clarify how much better I feel and how much clearer everything around me appears.

– Azur


I performed the ritual and committed my spirit to Father. I have never felt better in my life! Immediately I felt extraordinary, everything appears to be much clearer at this point.

Hail Satan!

– Bryn


Since the time I approached Father, I feel my life has just shown signs of improvement. He has consistently helped me when I really need assistance and he has sent his Demons to likewise help me. A few times individuals are looking excessively hard for answers that they are visually impaired and can’t see Father standing directly before them.

Hail Satan!



I am a multiyear old male. I was raised catholic and immediately realized what the gift of “god” felt like. At the point when I originally came to Satan it was because I took approach to much cocaine. One of his spirits showed up before me and purged me of it totally, and I haven’t contacted tranquilizes once more. Promptly I began working with the Goetic soul Sitri. I was astonished at the amount he knew and how neighborly he was. The latest thing he’s helped me with I consider intense. My better half, who I have solid affections for and associate well to, had referenced the Tarot saying she would be in a fender bender about this time in her life.

My third eye was going insane throughout the night, and I was unable to stop contemplating how I would feel on the off chance that she passed on. Soon thereafter my sweetheart and I were playing pool and I asked Sitri to ensure her. He shocked me by consenting. I had consistently counseled him about affection. We were running later than normal that night and something advised me to smoke another cigarette, despite the fact that I had an excessive number of that night she smoked one with me at that point dropped me off at my home. In transit home she saw Sitri sitting in the front seat, where I had been. He advised her to drive securely. Not long after observing him, the vehicle before her got into a head on crash and crushed severely. One moment prior and that could’ve been her.

My moral is this: Father Satan is the best dad, and Demonic companions are the best companions. I have given a few things to Sitri for his assistance and said thanks to father Satan day by day that I’m not some place more difficult at this point. I’ve just been Satanist around two years and I’ve seen more proof that it is valid than quite a long while of Xianity. Gracious yah, Father Satan’s favoring, it’s significantly more beautiful and ground-breaking than anything I’ve encountered in my life. HAIL SATAN! Much obliged to you Sitri and HP Maxine! I am appreciative.


Welcome all, I was out in the desert this end of the week visiting my mom, and about an hour after I showed up, I understood I had left a multi-day Candle consuming on the mantle. This isn’t the most secure activity with kitties running about the house! I was apprehensive they would thump it over and torch the house. I found a private spot and conversed with Father and my own Demon about my feelings of trepidation, requesting that they secure my home and pets. At the point when I showed up at home, I found the candle was out! Not wore out, for it despite everything had around 2 days to go, and the wick hadn’t fallen in. There was no ordinary explanation that it would have fizzled out. It appeared to have been put out cautiously and deliberately. I feel Father and my Demon acted the hero. It’s such an extraordinary inclination! I hear how frequently individuals appeal to the Nazarene and nothing ever changes and they get no assistance. I am so appreciative to have discovered Dad! Many, much obliged to Father and my Demon! Hail Father Satan!

Darkest Favors to all!



I’m 38 years old SWM craftsman. I discovered LaVeyan Satanism when I was 19, and keeping in mind that I will consistently be appreciative for his compositions and traces of information he gave, inside quite a long while I understood there was something more out there than it is possible that he or I suspected. One morning, while at the same time watching the sunrise, Satan came to me, and in one glorious second, I knew, I just realized he was there and he was simply and he was acceptable. Presently it is not necessarily the case that from that point forward all has been simple, yet when strong but fair affection was required it was given. In the event that I persisted and arranged, I had the option to make the most of the opportunities he introduced me. In the event that I was slack, the opportunities despite everything came but since I didn’t listen, I missed out. He never said “I let you know so!”, however I learned none the less.

Hail Satan!



I have not had the joy of being a rehearsing Satanist for a lot of time. I came here from Christian service, yet believe me when I state that I knew nothing of genuine love until I arrived. You see to know love one must know abhor. I went through years attempting to adore without recognizing detest. In that activity I was denying my own humankind and negating the All.  I was flabbergasted that the moment I let go of everything Father Satan promptly filled me with so much love and warmth I was led to tears. It was extraordinary. If it’s not too much trouble remember my siblings and sisters that we know the adoration for Lucifer and the delights that it brings us. We have the Knowing and are therefore genuinely blessed. At the point when we love somebody it is giving proper respect and regard to Lucifer because he is the wellspring of genuine romance. May we generally remember this affection because it will help us through the great occasions and the terrible. May we remember this today.

Darkest Gifts to all of us,



Father Satan has carried me to tears commonly. He has given me love and caring that I have never had. Sometime prior, when I was fairly new, I wasn’t ready to see 2 of my children who live in another state for near 3 years. This has been one thing in my life that has torn me up. Funds and their dad were an obstruction. I was so profoundly contacted when conditions marvelously permitted me to go through longer than a month with them here where I live and everything went so well.

We as a whole have our very own issues, mine has been I have come to the heart of the matter where I simply couldn’t care less. At the point when I was an Atheist, this was to an extraordinary. After I became a Satanist, I was having a few issues and I was distraught and could mind less whether I was in any condition. Father gave me something the following day, it was passing and the odor and it was terrible, I saw this and it made me wiped out. This was especially grizzly. He was giving me that he thought about me and that I should think more about existence and myself. I can’t disclose to you how this contacted me and what it intended to me. He has demonstrated me so much genuine love and mindful. There are such huge numbers of things he has accomplished for me. I once in a while request anything, he deals with me. Recently, he united me with my family and blessed us with a house.



At the point when I offered myself to Father Satan, my life improved right away. The cash I have spent on my ritual devices has returned to me fivefold. At the point when I need something it appears to come to me, more frequently than not. It appears to be a cloud has been lifted from my psyche; I am no longer in a murkiness… I realize what I should do and when I should do it. He has comforted me when I have been down and He has invigorated me expectation and like I never knew conceivable. Giving my spirit and life to Satan is the best thing I have ever, or will ever do. Before I didn’t be anything, yet now there is nothing I can’t do. With Father close by you can do anything. Obey Father and consistently love and regard Him and you will know the importance of satisfaction, you will become a lot more grounded, and you will never need to fear the Christian false God, joke of a god, because Satan is the genuine Ruler /Satan is a true God.

_ Alex


I thought this was really cool. This was my first time that I called upon a Demon for help. I set up the ritual and when I put his seal on the altar…never even stood up his name and an enormous mass of wind experienced my room, very cold. It blew fiercely for in any event 3 or 5 minutes. I ensured it wasn’t my focal warmth/air…nope it wasn’t! The air from my vents doesn’t blow this seriously! My candles were all going a similar way, yet never smothered. I don’t have the foggiest idea how it shielded from blowing any of the candles out. I shouted to him and gave him my prayers…I felt so content, yet a slight bit on the virus side. I accepting this as a decent sign that there is no reason to worry. I disclosed to him that I would recognize him in numerous ways fusion, thank you again, I realize I made another companion.

– Mark


The night before the keep going, I was on my back meditating. I said an extremely earnest supplication to Satan requesting his blessing, favoring, strengthening, assurance and information. Out of nowhere all a mind-blowing bit fit together consummately. As though that wasn’t brilliant enough Dad came to me. At the point when I considered me to be and everything as the gift it may be, I said thanks to Father Satan. When I expressed gratitude toward him, I heard a clatter shaking. With each shake of the clatter, my modified state went further. Abruptly I heard the murmur of the snake. Father had come to me as a snake. At the point when he came to Adam and Eve, he was the snake, and came to reveal to them they could resemble Gods…. isn’t that so? This is the thing that I think, it was kind of an affirmation. By this point my aura was twice as solid, my feet felt like they were on the earth – attracting so much vitality, my chakras were brilliant, my soul was released, my brain was clear. Simply then Dad appeared as the most beautiful bearer of light, and tenderly put his hand on my back. The room changed colors a few times-from purple to blue to green. This inclination was not practically identical to any medication or feeling, it was just beautiful and incredible. I again said thanks to Father and meditation on all that had simply occurred. I’m truly overpowered by it.


I might want to share this, as I’m mindful that there are those of you who are not devoted to Father. Commitment/ dedication was most superb experience I had in my short life. Father Cherishes US, I for one love him more than myself (which isn’t “normal” however never mind) On the off chance that I wasn’t devoted I would most presumably be dead at this point. In spite of the fact that there was something that was ensuring me for a mind-blowing duration, when I was committed, I quickly got a reaction from Father. While I despite everything had melancholy, I asked “Father Lucifer, have you left me also? From that point onward, I felt most magnificent vitality in my life, I believe that was Father’s vitality that was each millimeter in my body. I was discouraged, after that I begin to snicker, cry, and sing. It was beautiful experience. I seldom cry as I’m “cold” individual, however at whatever point I Consider Father my eyes get wet, and I can feel his affection and nearness. I despite everything can’t envision or even “judiciously” clarify his adoration for us, for his kids. I believe the key is – show Him your feelings, open up your heart. I don’t trust barely anybody in my life (as I had very messed up life), that was the point at which “I was without”. Presently I realize that there’s one I can confide in a lot – Father Lucifer. After my Devotion, I understood Genuine significance of term “without.” I committed one and half months back. It’s unimaginable that messed up sedate someone who is addicted, which was experiencing hyper wretchedness (this is most impressive form of melancholy – self-destructive); I attempted to kill myself a few times, which for evident reasons, didn’t succeed). I didn’t see a reason for my life, I say thanks to Father each day and night. I can see him in EVERYTHING from air I inhale, through soil I stroll on. Life has meaning once more, everything is clearing up quickly, my individual quality, and self-assurance are expanding even as I compose. I’m in joy expresses constantly. I never had emergency or withdrawals after I quit utilizing drugs. My ‘normal’ portion was 9 pills of and so on, or in any event a few lines of speed. Unfortunately, I’m still intellectually and truly well and working. I’m so loaded with vitality that my hands are perspiring. I’m exceptionally sorry in questioning in Father, however that was my common response, as I was…without. The entirety of this is NOTHING contrasted with what I FEEL. At this moment, I’m perspiring and crying as I’m suspecting seriously on Father and what he accomplished for me.

I petitioned God Satan for my mom’s wellbeing (she’s without), and experiencing saintly assaults, they are all around in my house…not in my room however. She experienced particularly difficulty in getting reflections that are fundamental for her spinal cord to improve (she was shot in the spine, therefore quadriplegic – she can’t move and she’s enduring malignant growth like agonies). Two screwing days subsequent to appealing to God for her wellbeing, she got Drugs that (I can’t pressure this) wore practically Unthinkable for her to get, as we live in Serbia. She was attempting to get them for a long time! Despite the fact that, I am an American resident (from my dad’s side), I was unable to speed this up.

She’ll likewise be worked very soon. She consented to do a mending contemplation. There’s quite a lot more, I could compose a book. I believed Father was acting by “seen” ways, I realize I wasn’t right. He acts through concealed ways (at any rate for us who are not spiritually opened – yet!), that’s True! After my commitment, I had a completely clear vision in my mind, I saw myself, alone, in darkness…”without.” I asked Father did he acknowledge me. I heard magnificent music, and I saw individuals that were moving and celebrating around me. I comprehend what this implies. I needed to post this as I devoted because other’s encounters impacted me. I trust no one will mind because I opened my heart.

Much obliged to You Father!



Two days back, I appealed to Father for the first run through ever… I approached him for a favor toward the evening and right away got it as a gift from him before dinnertime… All things considered, in the night when I rested at about 9:00 pm. I woke up indirect at 3:00 am in the morning to have a glass of water. After I was done, I returned to set down on my couch to rest… I get it was only 5 minutes that I more likely than not set down over yonder and I’m certain that I wasn’t completely sleeping when I saw a short man (four feet tall) with a French beard divert up from some place who said to me, Father Lucifer’s extraordinary man! and he fled, I wasn’t terrified or anything so I went out in the corridor to search for him yet he had vanished.

– Collins.  
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