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Every cardinal point isn’t just connected with a particular Demon/ess, yet in addition with a component, ritual instrument, color and quality. The four bearings of the earth are spiritual, yet logical in the method of how they adjust earth energies with attraction and gravitational draw. By confronting a specific course and associating with the energies, one can intensify power.


The north has consistently been known as a wellspring of extraordinary force. The “sky” rotated around the North Star. The ancient people groups adjusted their sanctuaries to this star. The sun never contacted the cardinal point north. It was related with haziness, puzzle and the obscure. Because of the Pagan respect for north, the Christian Church related it with the Devil. Memorial parks were only occasionally, if at any point set on the north side of a congregation. The north side was utilized for unbaptized youngsters, hoodlums, heretics, and suicides. Numerous places of worship all through Europe have a north door called “the Devil’s door” which was customarily opened after absolutions to “let the exorcized Demon escape.” A large portion of these doors have been since a long time ago bricked up. The north is related with the component of earth, the new period of the moon, the pentagram, darkness, mystery, and the color black. A few people adjust their altars areas toward the north.


Sunlight based vitality, the Sun, the color red, the magick wand and the component of fire are related with the south. This is the quarter of the will, coordinating and directing the clairvoyant vitality and forces of nature. Water running south has for some time been known to have magickal properties and was a mainstream fixing that medieval witches utilized in their spells. The south speaks to insight and information and accomplishment as the Sun arrives at its peak in the southern sky [for northerners anyway].


The east is the quarter of brightening, illumination, the mysterious, and the unceasing. It is of the component of air, the athame, the color silver, and the morning star, which is Lucifer’s star. In many customs, the alter area is adjusted toward the east. At the point when a circle is thrown for a coven, the High Priest/ess for the most part positions the door for everybody to enter in, at the northeast. As the Sun ascends in the east and the Sun is important in Satanism, all things considered of the exceptionally important sun powered chakra 666 of the spirit, confronting east is important for some rituals. The bearing east has the most force, particularly in the early morning hours directly before the Sun rises.


The component of water represents to the inner mind, feelings, the goblet, the color blue, and the mind. It rules over mediumship, soul contact, and telepathic correspondence. West is a decent course to confront when working to free yourself of something or for reducing things, as the Sun sets in the west and this makes a gravitational draw upon the earth, like the periods of the moon with a winding down moon.

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