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For some years, we have run over the utilization of Kabalistic Squares occasionally called Magical Squares. Truth be known, these like almost everything else of the occult, originated in the Far East.

Tragically, because of the huge pulverization of spiritual information, the genuine method to utilize these has been annihilated and corrupted. Given a few unique sources, each introduced a weak clarification of these ground-breaking squares on the best way to correctly utilize them. Western occultism corrupted by Jewish rottenness educates taking the numbers and changing over them [according to the Jewish rendition of numerology] into their variants of ‘sigils.’

Different sources from books on mantras [from Far Eastern authors] teach to ‘draw the planetary square on a bit of paper and convey it with you.’ Different sources practically reverberation these two models. It is incredibly clear that isn’t the correct method to utilize these.

Demons gave us the genuine formula for utilizing these ground-breaking squares. In the first place, they are called ‘Kabalistic Squares.’ Presently, a large portion of you know the Genuine Kabalah is for utilizing the reciting of sound and vibration to summon certain energies and additionally to create certain ideal outcomes in the material world. In this way, both of the above from well-known sources is clearly bologna clarifications at attempting to supplant the loss of genuine spiritual information. In concentrating from Eastern sources, we have discovered that these squares are remembered for books that have mantras [mantras are words of power], However there are no genuine guidelines on the most proficient method to viably utilize them. It is a given that specific mantras are to be recounted a specific number of times for a specific number of days, etc. Point being, this is the thing that a Kabalistic/Magickal Square uncovers.

The Kabalistic/Magickal Square uncovers a specific arrangement for the recitation of a particular mantra. These workings are the most remarkable we have ever done, and are not for the individuals who are new to meditation. They can produce an extraordinary measure of vitality, particularly in the chakra the specific square speaks to. The vitality appears to fabricate and becomes particularly solid most of the way into the working. It is basic not to avoid any days in the working, as this will destroy the whole working and you should begin once more. It is likewise important that you are accurate and exact in the number of redundancies allowed for every day.  For instance: In utilizing the Kabalistic Square of the Sun, one would need to present a mantra for the Sun 600 and sixty-six times, as this is the all-out entirety of the numbers of the Square of the Sun. The mantra would be presented/vibrated a number of times for a time of 36 days, as there are 36 squares for the Sun.


For enabling chakras, fortifying a crippled sun, and for help in wellbeing and in general spiritual progression identified with the sun.

So as in the outline for the Square of the Sun at right, you would begin on the primary day with vibrating the mantra multiple times for that day. You begin in the lower right-hand corner of the square and go from option to left, at that point move from left to directly in the following line, as the bolts show.

The next day, you would recount the particular sun powered mantra you are utilizing an aggregate of multiple times; the following day 4, etc. until you arrive at the 6th day where you would vibrate the mantra a sum of multiple times and the seventh day, you would switch to the prompt and vibrate the mantra multiple times, at that point the next day, multiple times, etc., finishing on the 36th day at square 1, where you would vibrate the mantra just a single time, as trained in the square.


 Achievement, flourishing, and natural (non-spiritual) undertakings

For material achievement, flourishing, and progress in natural [non-spiritual] undertakings, the mantra ought to be recounted start to finish.

Sun Square, you would need to begin the mantra when the Sun is solid, either in its indication of praise (Aries) or home indication of Leo. Never do any sun-oriented rituals or work when the Sun is in Libra (sign of its fall) or Aquarius (sign of its detriment). Every single sun-based ritual and workings for the Sun ought to be begun a Sunday [day of the Sun] and during the hours of the Sun.

The Sun working ought to in a perfect world be begun during sunlight hours when the Sun is high in the sky and solid, as between 10:00 am and 14:00 (2 pm), if conceivable. Every day, the mantra picked for the Sun ought to be discussed during the hours of the Sun. These are standard Sanskrit Mantras that have been utilized for a great many years. You should feel the vitality very quickly.

At the point when you are done with the vibration, on the off chance that you are working on unmistakable success (non-spiritual) objectives, it is important to coordinate the vitality you raised by expressing an assertion a few times while imagining your objective in the current reality and current state.

These workings ought to be performed, both the spiritual and the material, before and during hard Saturn travels to reinforce the planet/s being hit and furthermore to counterbalance the misfortune brought about by Saturn.

While there are a few writings and tenets that guarantee the third chakra is managed by the planet Mars, we oppose this idea. The explanation being is that the root (Bija) mantra/vibration for the third chakra has consistently been RA/Slam, which is a variety of ‘RA’ as in AMON RA, the Egyptian Divine force of the Sun. The word ‘God’ is likewise a term for the chakras.

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