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Freemasonry depicts itself as a “‘wonderful arrangement of profound quality, hidden in moral story and represented by images” The imagery is for the most part, yet not only, drawn from the apparatuses of stonemasons – the square and compasses, the level and plumb guideline, the trowel, the unpleasant and smooth ashlars, among others. Moral exercises are ascribed to every one of these instruments, despite the fact that the task is in no way, shape or form reliable. The significance of the imagery is instructed and investigated through ritual, and in talks and articles by singular masons who offer their own experiences and conclusions.

All Freemasons start their excursion in the “craft/ Art” by being logically “initiated”, “passed” and “raised” into the three degrees of Art, or Blue Lodge Masonry. During these three rituals, the competitor is logically shown the Masonic images, and endowed with grasps or tokens, signs and words to imply to different Masons which degrees he has taken. The emotional symbolic ceremonies incorporate illustrative talks, and rotate around the development of the Sanctuary of Solomon, and the imaginativeness and demise of the central draftsman, Hiram Abiff. The degrees are those of initiation understudy, Fellowcraft and Ace Artisan (Master Mason). While a wide range of forms of these rituals exist, with different lodge formats and forms of the Hiramic legend, every rendition is conspicuous to any Freemason from any Jurisdiction.

In certain Jurisdiction, the primary subjects of every degree are delineated by tracing Board. These painted portrayals of Masonic topics are shown in the lodge as indicated by which degree is being worked, and are disclosed to the possibility to represent the legend and imagery of every degree.


The possibility of Masonic brotherhood most likely dives from a sixteenth century lawful meaning of a “sibling” as one who has made a vow of shared help to another. In like manner, Masons swear at every degree to keep the substance of that degree mystery, and to help and ensure their brethren except if they have violated the law. In many Lodges the vow or commitment is taken on a Volume of Holy Law, whichever book of awesome disclosure is proper to the religious convictions of the individual sibling (as a rule the Good book in the Anglo-American convention). In Dynamic Continental Freemasonry, books other than sacred text are reasonable, a reason for break/ rapture between Grand Lodges.

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