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Numerous Pagans utilize a magical staff in rituals and ceremonies. While it is anything but a necessary magical apparatus, it can prove to be useful. The staffs are regularly connected with force/ power and authority, and in certain conventions just the High Priestess or High Priest conveys one. In different conventions, anybody may have one. Much like the wand, the staff is viewed as symbolic of male vitality, and ordinarily is utilized to speak to the component of Air (despite the fact that in certain conventions, it symbolizes Fire). Like other magical instruments, the staff is something you can make yourself, with a smidgen of effort. Here’s the secret.


Pick Your Wood

In the event that you get an opportunity to go on a climb, while you’re out there meandering around you should accept the open door to search for a decent bit of wood for a magical staff. In a perfect world, you’ll need to discover a bit of wood that has just tumbled from a tree don’t cut a bit of wood from a live tree because you figure it would make a decent staff. A magical staff is commonly long enough that you can grasp it comfortably, vertically, and have it contact the ground. Your best bet is to discover one that is between shoulder tallness and the head of your head. Grasp the stick to perceive how it feels if it’s excessively long, you can generally trim it down. With regards to breadth, you ought to be ready to comfortably fold your fingers over it. A one-to two-inch distance across is best for the vast majority, however once more, hold it and perceive how it feels. In some magical customs, instead of a straight stick, a forked one is utilized to make a staff called a stung. One of our magicians says that despite the fact that the word itself is genuinely new, it’s a subordinate of the early English distaff. In different conventions, especially those with which was included, the since quite a while ago, forked stick is known as a bune wand, and is described as a branch that witches historically used to fly. Whatever you’re utilizing it for, you can call your staff anything you like. A few people pick a particular sort of wood dependent on its magical properties. For instance, in the event that you wished to have a staff associated with force and quality, you may choose oak. Someone else may decide to utilize Debris rather, as it is emphatically attached to magical workings and prescience. There’s no rigid standard, in any case, that you need to utilize a particular sort of wood numerous individuals make a staff out of the stick that “felt right” to them. In some magical frameworks, it is believed that a tree appendage felled by a storm is saturated with a lot of magical powers.

Completing Your Staff

To expel the bark from your stick, you can utilize a blade (not your athame, yet a customary blade) to strip the bark. This will likewise assist you with shaping the staff, if there are little anomalies on it, or to evacuate overabundance bits of branches. With certain assortments of wood, you might need to splash the staff so the bark is wet, making it simpler to peel off. A few kinds of wood, for example, pine, are sufficiently simple to take the bark off by hand in the event that you pick. Utilize a bit of light-grained sandpaper, or steel fleece, to sand the wood down until it is smooth. When you have your wood formed and sanded, you have two or three alternatives. You might need to bore a little opening at the top so you can embed a cowhide strap this proves to be useful when you’re waving the staff around in ritual, because you can put the strap around your wrist and diminish the odds of unintentionally tossing your staff over a room. On the off chance that you like, you can likewise decorate it via cutting or consuming symbols of your custom into it, including precious stones or beads, quills, or different charms into the wood. It’s commonly not considered important to utilize a polyurethane finish on the staff, and in numerous customs it’s believed that to utilize an engineered finish will obstruct the magical energies. In any case, a few people decide to oil their staff to give it a light sparkle in the event that you do this, utilization an oil that is plant-based, instead of oil based. After your staff is finished, sanctify it as you would some other magical apparatus/tools

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