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The possibility of extremity, for example, partitioning the world into male and female energies, was a focal idea inside nineteenth century otherworldliness. This impact is evident in Levi’s Baphomet in a few spots:
  • The signal of one hand facing up while the other hand focuses down. This communicates the Hermetic idea “As above, so below.” It reflects how various degrees of presence impact each other, regardless of whether those levels be scholarly versus physical, the spiritual world versus the material world, or microcosm versus universe.
  • Chesed and Geburah, are two Sephirot on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, which guides out parts of presence. They are on inverse sides of the tree, which are usually comprehended to be male and female, seriousness and benevolence. Chesed speaks to consideration and love, while Geburah speaks to power, quality, and judgment.
  • The Latin expressions fathom and coagula composed upon Baphomet’s arms. These means break down and coagulate, which are contradicting catalytic procedures.
  • Various physical instances of Baphomet being both male and female (e.g., bosoms and phallus; one male arm, one female arm).
  • The caduceus-like picture supplanting the phallus, in which the two snakes much of the time speak to male and female.
Natural Forces
Baphomet likewise speaks to the solidarity of the four Non-romantic components: earth, water, air, and fire. Air and water are the least demanding to recognize through the fish scales (water) and the representative semi-hover of the environment (air). Baphomet’s feet are planted on the circle of the earth, while a fire consumes from his crown.
Fruitfulness and Life
The decision of goat-like highlights for Baphomet originates from a few associations between goats and fruitfulness. Levi himself called the figure Baphomet of Mendes, contrasting him with a what he believed was a goat-headed Egyptian god honoured for ripeness purposes. Container, a Greek god with goat highlights, was in like manner ordinarily connected with ripeness in the nineteenth century.  Also, Baphomet’s phallus has been supplanted with a caduceus, which is considered by some to be an image of fruitfulness. Surely, the phallic accentuation can just energize ideas of fruitfulness.
Other Different References in Levi’s Clarification
Levi’s notice of Khunrath alludes to sixteenth century medium Henrich Khunrath, a Hermetic and chemist whose works impacted Levi. Levi describes Baphomet as the sphinx of the mysterious (Occult) sciences. A sphinx is most regularly an animal with the body of a lion and the top of a human. They originated in Egypt, where they were presumably associated with guardianship, in addition to other things. By Levi’s time, the Freemasons were additionally utilizing sphinxes as images of gatekeepers of insider facts and riddles.
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