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Ouija Sheets are superb for reaching and having discussions with Demons and spirits. We like to work the board alone, as someone else is an interruption and forestalls any genuine closeness with the soul contact.

For those of you who are new to this, ensure the board is on a totally level surface. It is important to go into a daze when utilizing a Ouija Board.

Spot your fingertips daintily on each side of the planchette. Before long, it will delicately begin to pull. Simply unwind and let it work. It can take a couple of moments to get moving. It is important to be liberated from interruptions and not to be disturbed. Like while scrying or summoning spirits of the deceased, everything else in the room is shut out. Your all-out spotlight is on the board. It is sort of like an aura around the entirety of the edges of the board and your consideration is totally secured and nothing else outside of you, exists. This is only my own understanding, we are on the whole people, so your very own portion encounters might be unique.  The more you utilize a Ouija Board, the better you will become in working it. At the point when we set up a cozy relationship with a Demon, we should simply tune into them and they will normally come to us. Demon are to help us spiritually advance.

Every one of us is individual and will have somewhat various encounters in utilizing a Ouija board and getting messages:

  1. The programmed technique: For this situation, the planchette moves consequently, without the operator recognizing what the soul concerned is going to state. Messages in foreign dialects will likewise be gotten, even in dialects the operator doesn’t have the foggiest idea and has never heard. On the off chance that this occurs, it is important to remember and to record the message on paper.
  2. The uplifting strategy
    : This is the most widely recognized: here the messages will be given in a sort of verbally processing inside one’s brain. For this situation, one for all intents and purposes knows beforehand what the soul is going to convey. By visit redundancy this motivation will become an inactive listening sort of correspondence. One will see messages from the one’s psyche or from outside of oneself. This is sort of like correspondence, in that the words come into your psyche and afterward your hands move the planchette.


  1. The instinctive strategy:
    This is the place you have the inclination as though you moved the planchette yourself. Any inquiries will be addressed in a flash. The planchette explains words and sentences in full awareness, without the operator hearing anything or being roused in any capacity.

The techniques likewise can show up of a blended kind, for instance half programmed and half helpful or instinctive and motivational or all together. Which of the techniques will be the predominant one might be known after an extensive stretch of working out? Every one of the techniques is acceptable and solid, if you are utilizing it sincerely and genuinely. Practice makes perfect!

One thing we wish to include here. Ouija Boards can be available to everything without exception. The facts demonstrate that a few people have had terrible and additionally upsetting encounters. Realize that not all spirits are well disposed or of Satan. On the off chance that you happen to come into contact with a negative element, end the Ouija meeting and don’t think about the substance anymore. On the off chance that you have a Guardian Demon or Demons, call him/her and request help with disposing of the negative substance.

Normally Ouija Boards present no issue and are sheltered to utilize. Nobody ought to ever fear. On account of a negative element, the more extended the contact, the more the element can interrupt into your world. A few of members have expressed that they generally inquire as to whether he/she is of Satan. Foe spirits won’t answer back and will ordinarily leave all alone. With performing the devotion / dedication to Satan, we have his insurance as we advance in force and spiritual information. This incorporates working with Ouija Boards. Similarly, as with whatever else, the earth wherein you are working the board matters.

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