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Since all powers exude from One Source, you could state that all powers communicating through you are “supernatural” or natural, as you like. All powers and capacities, regardless of whether you call them “supernatural” or ” natural” are created as per characteristic laws. They are the Laws of the Psyche and Soul, and they can without much of a stretch and effortlessly abrogate the known laws of material science which identify with the physical element of experience. A few people utilize the expression “natural” to allude to any capacities and forces originating, or seeming to originate, from your physical self and from the physical domain – your capacity to stroll, to talk, and act in any capacity that can be followed to the exercises or your physical body, and whatever else you experience that you can watch utilizing your physical detects and legitimately clarify utilizing the known laws of material science. Individuals utilize the expression “supernatural” to allude to everything that isn’t distinguishable utilizing physical faculties, and may incorporate here both “psychic” and “spiritual capacities.

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