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The expression “Hellenic polytheism” is really, much like the word “Pagan,” an umbrella term. It is utilized to apply to a wide scope of polytheistic spiritual ways that honour the pantheon of the antiquated Greeks in huge numbers of these gatherings, there is a pattern towards the recovery of the strict acts of hundreds of years past. A few gatherings guarantee that their training isn’t a restoration by any means, yet the original custom of the people of yore went down starting with one age then onto the next.


Hellenismos is the term used to describe the cutting edge likeness the conventional Greek religion. Individuals who follow this way are known as Hellenes, Hellenic Reconstructionists, Hellenic Pagans or by one of numerous different terms. Hellenismos originated with Emperor Julian, when he endeavoured to bring back the religion of his ancestors following the appearance of Christianity.

Practices and Beliefs

In spite of the fact that the Hellenic gatherings follow different path, they normally base their strict perspectives and ritual practices on a couple of regular sources:

  • Insightful work about antiquated religions
  • The works of old-style authors, for example, Homer and his contemporaries
  • Singular experience and instinct, for example, individual gnosis and connection with the Celestial.

Most Hellenes honour the lords of Olympus: Zeus and Hera, Athena, Artemis Apollo, Demeter, Ares, Hermes, Hades, and Aphrodite, to give some examples. A common worship ritual incorporates purging, a supplication, ritual penance, psalms, and devouring in honour of the divine beings.

Hellenic Morals

While most Wiccans are guided by the Wiccan Rede, Hellenes are commonly administered by a lot of morals. The first of these qualities is eusebeia, which is devotion or lowliness. This incorporates a commitment to the divine beings and a readiness to live by Hellenic standards. Another worth is known as metriotes, or balance, and goes connected at the hip with sophrosune, which is discretion. The utilization of these standards as a component of a network is the overseeing force behind most Hellenic Polytheistic gatherings. The ethics likewise train that revenge and struggle are normal pieces of the human experience.

Are the Hellenes Pagans?

Relies upon who you ask, and how you characterize “Pagan.” On the off chance that you are alluding to individuals that are not part of an Abrahamic confidence, at that point Hellenismos would be Pagan. Then again, in case you’re alluding to the Goddess-worshipping earth-based form of Paganism, the Hellenes wouldn’t fit that definition. A few Hellenes article to being described as “Pagan” by any means, just because numerous individuals accept that all Pagans are Wiccans, which Greek Polytheism unquestionably isn’t. There’s likewise a theory that the Greeks themselves could never have utilized the word “Pagan” to describe themselves in the antiquated world.

Worship Today

Hellenic evangelist bunches are discovered everywhere throughout the world, not simply in Greece, and they utilize a wide range of names. One Greek org is known as the supreme council of Ethnikoi Hellenes, and its specialists are “Ethnikoi Hellenes.” The gathering Dodekatheon is additionally in Greece as well as Hellenion in North America.

Generally, members of these gatherings perform their own rituals and learn through self-investigation of essential materials about the antiquated Greek religion and through close to home involvement in the divine beings. There is normally no focal church or degree framework as found in Wicca.

Occasions of the Hellenes

The antiquated Greeks praised a wide range of celebrations and occasions in the distinctive city-states. Notwithstanding open occasions, nearby gatherings regularly held festivals, and it wasn’t unprecedented for families to make contributions to family divinities. All things considered; Hellenic Pagans today frequently commend a wide assortment of major celebrations.  

Over the span of a year, festivities are held to honour the majority of the Olympic gods. There are additionally horticultural occasions dependent on collect and planting cycles. A few Hellenes likewise follow a ritual described in the works of Hesiod, in which they secretly offer commitments in their home on assigned days of the month.

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