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To all people who are on this site, we are so grateful to let you know that True Satanism is Spiritual Alchemy and of the Ancient Pagan religions that went before Christianity, Islam and their base of Judaism from hundreds to thousands of years. Judaism, Christianity and Islam took bounteously from the original Ancient Pagan religions, evacuating the entirety of the spirituality and supplanting it with falsehoods and corruptions. The Vatican of the Catholic Church (the original Christian Church), has gone about as a policing force to aggrieve, torture and murder any individual who had any Pagan spiritual capacity or information. The Judeo/Christian/Islamic purported “religions” sole intention is to delude individuals spiritually and to deny them spiritual realities. These projects depend on the worship of corruption and an emphasis on death.

True Satanism depends on Knowledge. To gain proficiency with reality, you should examine. Reality shouldn’t be clarified in a specific manner, nor does it need to be reinforced, rather than lies. The plain truth is something you can see with your own eyes. There are no mediators in Satanism.

For those of you who are absolutely new to Satanism, bear as a top priority that there are some different groups of Satanists, or individuals who call themselves Satanists, that conform to Christian lies of what they believe Satanism to be. True Satanism doesn’t in any capacity conform to Judeo/Christian/Islamic cases, which are for the most part false. A portion of these individuals are deceived, others are infiltrators and others are of enemy souls. Continuously be mindful of these on the off chance that you are new.

We have learned through long stretches of exploration that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are intrigues and tricks of calamitous proportions. The Bible isn’t the word of “God” yet was made and has been reinforced by people who have usurped old spiritual knowledge (that’s the reason the Bible has numbers), and have utilized this information to become as knowledge, themselves and to subjugate mankind. Unbeknownst to a great many people, the masses have been under an extraordinary self-sustaining spell for hundreds of years. Satan is Truth and Reality Will Liberate You. Satanism is humankind’s original religion. – Satan

We are focused on the restoration of true Satanism. We look to the true Creator of the religion presently known as “Satanism” and the Creator is Satan, himself. For a really long time, enemy’s and pariahs have been allowed to characterize Satan and Satanism to accommodate their own plans. Satan has once in a while ever been permitted to represent himself and uncover who he truly is and what he is extremely about. Satan is a genuine being. He has collaborated with numerous in the course of the last a few thousand years and he has left us his principles of the Al Jilwah, the Qu’ret Al Yezid and different compositions.

Satan doesn’t in any capacity fit the Judeo/Christian or Muslim portrayals that have dishonestly characterized him for so long, nor does he conform to the character delineated of him in Anton LaVey’s “Satanic Bible.” So as to truly know Satan, one must go to him by and by, without partiality or desires. One will discover he doesn’t conform to either category’s originations of “evil” which have been absurdly and neglectfully stored upon him for hundreds of years.

True Satanism is Pre-Judeo/Christian Paganism. The realities are that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are tenderfoots and are a response against Antiquated Paganism which has gone before every one of the three of these projects from hundreds to thousands of years.

Unfortunately, searching for answers from outside sources has been a typical subject in Satanism because so much knowledge has been methodically evacuated and obliterated by the Christian Church. The Christian Church created a false history to conform to their plan, which is keeping spiritual information and force in the possession of a couple to the disadvantage of humankind.

We don’t recognize or perceive Judaism, Christianity, or Islam as genuine / true religions. These are in reality projects to supplant spiritual Knowledge with untruths and corruptions, while extorting trillions and trillions and tons of dollars, and clairvoyant vitality, alongside abusing human hopelessness and enduring to keep untold riches, and spiritual information and influence in the possession of a “picked / chosen” few. Judaism and Christianity are additionally incredibly new; however, they attempt to guarantee in any case, with the most recent major “religion” being Islam, which showed itself under one thousand years back.

Our targets are to illuminate individuals to reality and uncover the entirety of the untruths these ongoing supposed “religions” have made with respect to Satan, Satanism, and Satanists.  The information on this site is the aftereffect of much examination and our collaboration of numerous followers with Satan and his Demons who have guided us and trained us regarding reality concerning the origins of True Satanism. We urge you to peruse and concentrate uninhibitedly and with a receptive outlook. Just when one’s brain is totally free and deprogrammed; can genuine illumination and learning occur.

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