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Scrying can be a valuable way to contact Demons and spirits, to foretell the future, and to tie down responses to questions. A black mirror is perfect for these reasons. Generally, Obsidian was the material of decision really taking shape of a black mirror, however the technique described below works similarly too.

The pattern of the Full Moon is the best an ideal opportunity to make a black mirror, as the moon administers the third eye and the mind. Any casing for a photo can fill in as a base for a black mirror. Take the glass from the image casing and paint one side of it with black polish. You will most likely need to utilize a few layers of paint. Oil based polishes are enduring; however, they can set aside a long effort to dry. Be certain to leave the glass to totally dry before setting it back in the casing.

Replacements for a black mirror incorporate a dark bowl of black fluid or a gleaming black item, sufficiently huge to center upon. Dark precious stone balls are additionally accessible. we have discovered normal ordinary mirrors to work in a faintly lit room (candlelight is perfect). The enabling ritual below is for cutting edge meditators and is exceptionally compelling. On the off chance that you are not propelled, you can even now utilize a black mirror with results and hold up until you are more experienced to perform the engaging ritual.

Enabling Ritual:

During a full Moon, head outside if conceivable, some spot where you have a touch of security. Go into a slight daze; take in vitality from the Moon into your third eye on the breathe in, and on the breathe out, vibrate “Inanna” E-E-E-E-E-N-N-N-N-N-N-A-H-A-H-A-H-A-H-A-H-A-N-N-N-N-N-A-H-A-H-A-H-A-H centering, so you can feel it in your third eye. Do this thirty times, at that point consolidate the vitality from the Moon in your third eye and course this vitality to your sun-oriented chakra and back to your third eye 9 times, finishing with the vitality stored in your sun-oriented chakra. Spot a paper or material of the Sigil of Astaroth on head of the substance of the black mirror, and spot both on your special stepped area, on the off chance that you have one. Astaroth is the Goddess of prediction.


Compose the accompanying petition on a perfect bit of paper:

Hear me Lord Satan, I ask in your name, that your forces bestow the forces of prediction upon this mirror; I may utilize this magickal medium to contact any Demon I may call forth, to scry upon for the disclosure of privileged insights, and knowledge that is obscure to me.

For the sake of Satan/Lucifer, I appeal Ashtaroth, to bestow the gift of prediction and all the forces related, thereof upon this mirror. The entirety of this, I ask in your name, Lord Satan. So, it is done.


At the stature of your ritual, discuss the petition so anyone might hear and when completed light it in the fire of a black candle on the left half of your special alter area. Spot the consuming paper in a flameproof bowl to consume.

Presently, take the vitality stored in your heart chakra and discharge it into the mirror by breathing out it-reciting g-g-g-g-eh eh-eh-eh, the vibration is finished with a hard G as in the English word “Get” without the ‘t.’ The base of your tongue ought to be as close as conceivable to the rear of your throat when you vibrate the Gebo rune. Gebo is Astaroth’s rune and is utilized with workings including forces of the heart chakra. The heart chakra, molded like a yoni, is fix and is a connector. With each breathe out, vibrate the vitality into your mirror. Picture the vitality entering the mirror. It should indigo (bluish-violet) in color (there might be some green or twirls of it) and develop with power upon each breathe out. You ought to be ready to decide when the mirror is completely engaged and feel the vitality leaving you.

To utilize the mirror:

In this process make sure you Position the mirror so it is at a comfortable level. You ought to be sitting comfortably while scrying. The room ought to be calm and faintly lit, ideally with candlelight. There ought to be no outside unsettling influences.

To begin a scrying meeting, go into a stupor, and envision the mirror is black fluid water, pure black like a well. Fix your look upon the mirror. The mirror will in the long run light up to grey and pictures of mists will begin to form. Be persistent, for the capacity to see pictures of spirits and occasions will accompany practice.


It is best to become acquainted with your mirror before calling up any Demon or spirits or utilizing it for any genuine divination. From the outset, about everybody sees mists. This is a normal and a positive sign. With experience and perseverance, one will progress to seeing different dreams that will happen indiscriminately. These dreams will be uncontrolled.

With experience, one will be ready to call upon dreams freely. A capable can encounter dreams that include every one of the five detects while scrying into the mirror; this can take some time, determination and practice. Demon can contact the scryer, carry on long discussions, and collaborate on a closer to home level. The dreams can begin to exist outside of the mirror and on all sides and encompass the scryer.

At the point when not being used, the mirror ought to be enveloped by silk to shield vitality from getting away. It ought to be kept in a protected spot where others won’t upset it. The vitality should be recharged occasionally. You should put your mirror in a window or out of doors under a full Moon to absorb the lunar energies. To do this, take in vitality from the Moon into your heart chakra or third eye and breathe out it into the mirror from your hand chakras. In the event that you are open, you will see with your third eye, and feel when the mirror is completely enabled, and sense when it should be revived.

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