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Air is related with communication, astuteness / wisdom or the intensity / power of the brain. Air is one of the four traditional components and is frequently summoned in Magic ritual. Air is the component of the East, associated with the spirit and the breath of life. Air is related with the colors yellow and white. Curiously, in certain societies, a triangle sitting on its base like this is viewed as manly and is associated with the component of Fire as opposed to Air.

In certain customs of magic, Air is representing not by the triangle, yet by either a hover with a point in the inside or by a quill or leaf-like picture. In different customs, the triangle is utilized to check the relationship of degrees or initiation rank, ordinarily first degree, however not really.

In rituals, when the component of Air is called for, you can utilize triangular symbol, or utilize a quill, incense, or a fan. Air is related with correspondence, astuteness or the intensity of the psyche. Do an outdoors working on a blustery day, and permit the forces of air to help you. Picture air flows diverting your difficulties, overwhelming hardship, and conveying positive considerations to the individuals who are far away. Grasp the breeze, and let its vitality fill you and assist you with accomplishing your objectives.

In numerous Magical customs, air is related with different spirits and basic beings. Elements known as fairies are ordinarily associated with the air and the breeze – these winged animals are regularly identified with forces of knowledge and instinct.

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