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From long periods of exploration, and direction from our Beloved Dad Satan, we have found the genuine origins of Satanism. We have arrived at the resolution, knowing Judaism, Christianity and Islam to be unrivaled and viscios hoaxes upon Mankind, that the cases these projects make with respect to the origins of humankind being in the Center East are lies and concealments to additionally trick and confound individuals regarding reality. Spiritual information / knowledge and lessons came to Egypt and Mesopotamia from the Far East.

The Far East is additionally where Judaism and Christianity Took their regulations from, in the wake of corrupting them and supplanting them with fraud rottenness, with the objective to expel all spiritual information from the people, their path of falsehoods is loaded with the killed, the tortured, the doomed and the spiritual decline of mankind. More and more lies are essential for these projects to conceal their smelling establishment of corpses, demolition of historical relics and horrendous corruption.

While doing any close to home exploration/concentrate all alone in regards to the Far East teaches, it is important to remember that unfortunately, these have been intensely contaminated with Christian foulness and falsehoods like pretty much everything else. The Genuine objective of Satanism (the root word/name “SAT” ‘all things considered and varieties of Satan’ signifies “TRUTH” in Sanskrit, which is one of the world’s most established languages), is to propel our spirits and to engage ourselves. Trivial poo, for example, references to certain ‘morality’ and ‘individual direct’ ought to be gotten rid of as dross. These in truth have nothing at all to do with getting the forces of the brain and soul. Information and use of that information is the main key.  Straight up to the thirteenth century, Yantra-Tantra rehearses flourished with a boundless premise in the entire of Eastern India. In the Thirteenth century, Muslim intruders crushed the popular colleges and focuses of learning of Yantra-Tantra and demolished a great many volumes of writing as books, compositions and symbols. Individuals rehearsing the specialty of Yantra-Tantra were massacred and the individuals who had the option to spare their lives ran away to South India, Assam and nations like Nepal, Tibet, Burma, Ceylon and Java. In more late occasions, the Chinese intruders who pillaged Tibet further pulverized the religious communities and writing of Yantra-Tantra.”

As we can without much of a stretch see from the above selection, Christianity and Islam are simply formidable apparatuses to decimate all obvious spirituality and supplant it with bogus faker untruths and corruptions. Much has been crushed. Satan drives us to reality through our own investigation and through opening our spirits and brains.  Important! The majority of the lessons and precepts of the old religions have been corrupted. Ignore them. The activities, for example, those in hatha and kundalini yoga, breathing activities, hand to hand fighting activities, and so on., these are another issue and they are extremely amazing in raising the supposed witchpower, vril, chi. This is the embodiment of satanism.

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