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Tag: lefthandpath

Why Is the Occult So Associated with Satanism?

The association isn't grounded in fact. A typical perspective on the Occult is that it is either Evil or utilizes symbols that have for some time been related with Satanism. Truth be told, nor is valid. Individuals have talked of the "Occult" for a long time with no Sinister/ satanism, ramifications. Indeed, Occultism just…

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Planetary Insight Sigils of Western Occult Custom

In the Western Occult Convention (tradition), every planet has generally had both a soul and an insight. These ethereal spirits (here and there called daemons) are liable for the injurious and useful impacts (separately) of the individual planet. The hypothesis is that on the off chance that people have spirits/ souls, at that point without…

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Planetary Seals in the Western Occult Custom

In the Western occult custom, every planet can be represented to by a seal or graph. The seal depends on the planet's enchantment square, with the seal theoretically contacting each number inside the square, in spite of the fact that practically speaking that isn't generally the situation. Planetary Seal of Saturn The Seal of…

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Saturn Occult Correspondences

Planetary Correspondences in The Western Occult Custom In the Western occult custom, every planet is related with specific characteristics that an occultist may wish to draw in. There is likewise a long arrangement of correspondences for every planet: symbols, materials and items that are related with the specific planet and can assist with directing…

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The Hexagram’s Utilization in Religion

The hexagram is a basic geometric shape that has taken on different implications in various religions and conviction frameworks. The restricting and covering triangles used to make it frequently represent to two powers that are both contradicting and interconnected. The Hexagram The hexagram is a one of a kind shapes in geometry. To acquire…

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Western Occult Convention

The study of shrouded information Gossip, conspiracy theories, and Hollywood have made a twisted picture of occult examinations. This leads numerous to utilize the word like it were interchangeable with dark enchantment and evil presence venerate. In truth, the occult is something both substantially broader and considerably less intrinsically undermining. The word actually signifies "Hidden,"…

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What Are the Left-Hand and Right-Hand Paths?

An Occasionally Inclination Definition in Western Occultism Occult and religious path are now and then separated into two classes: the left-hand path and the right-hand path. While there are numerous religions and spiritual practices in every way and they differ significantly, they hold a couple of things in like manner. These terms are not drained…

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What Clique Suicides Are and Why They Occur

Clique/ cult suicides are the absolute generally advanced and threatening parts of what can occur inside a religion. The dread of such an occasion happening drives a few people to doubt numerous new religious developments regardless of whether a particular development shows no sign that self-destruction would be satisfactory or useful. 'Clique' / “Cult” is…

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