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Tag: spells

Blood Magic in Black magic

In some magical customs, the utilization of blood is an integral asset to be sure. In spite of the emotional impacts you'll find in motion pictures and on TV, most witches use blood magic just infrequently, and for quite certain reasons. It's not something that is embraced spontaneously, yet with legitimate security insurances, blood magic…

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Simple Poppet Undertakings

Not certain what sort of poppets to make, or how you can utilize them in a useful application? Attempt one of these six simple thoughts for making and utilizing your own poppets. 1: To Find a new Line of work You've Applied For Material: silk, green or gold or silver Herbs: clover, chamomile, ginger,…

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An Introduction to Candle Magic

Candle magic is probably the easiest form of spellcasting, and all things considered, it doesn't require a great deal of extravagant ritual or stylized apparatuses. At the end of the day, anybody with a candle can do magic. Recollect when you made a desire before you smothered the candles on your birthday cake. A similar…

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