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Tag: art

Planetary Seals in the Western Occult Custom

In the Western occult custom, every planet can be represented to by a seal or graph. The seal depends on the planet's enchantment square, with the seal theoretically contacting each number inside the square, in spite of the fact that practically speaking that isn't generally the situation. Planetary Seal of Saturn The Seal of…

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Planetary Insight Sigils of Western Occult Custom

In the Western Occult Convention (tradition), every planet has generally had both a soul and an insight. These ethereal spirits (here and there called daemons) are liable for the injurious and useful impacts (separately) of the individual planet. The hypothesis is that on the off chance that people have spirits/ souls, at that point without…

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Ways of the Western Occult Custom

Numerous occultists inside the Western Occult Custom follow works on including parts of different ways. This makes summing up the occult incredibly troublesome and is the reason it is increasingly valuable to depict singular occult ways. Also, not all adherents of these ways name themselves occultists, and pariahs should be delicate to such contrasts in…

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