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Regardless of what social status you originate from, you will discover cover in the light that this book gives.

It is our benefit to declare that the Next Generation Confirmation or Testament books has come back to the smash hit records, proceeding with its more than months at number one and arriving at thousands with its direction to life, difficulties, achievement, and this present planet’s future. Innumerable studiers of its words have imparted it to their companions, family, and partners over this planet. Their work has driven millions to see the Light.  Nonetheless, close by the positive response from most perusers, the Confirmation has revealed a profound situated disdain in others – an inclination that stows away inside a little portion of our wealthiest and most impressive individuals, and must be tended to.

Since its distribution, a portion of our individuals have voiced worries over the accessibility of the Confirmation’s message. Some accept that the next generation’s content ought to be held distinctly for this current planet’s tip top and that by making the Confirmation open to all individuals, its message is downgraded. They allude to the Precept of Significant worth and Exchange, guaranteeing that on the off chance that things of significant worth are rarely free, at that point things of minimal effort should likewise have low worth.

The best among us should always remember that they were at one time the in particular.

It is reprehensible to expect that this present planet’s residents are ill-equipped to gain proficiency with indistinguishable certainties from the tip top. The next generation is composed for all individuals, in all spots not only those of influence, notoriety, or riches. It is a guide to direct the lost toward the Light and a guide for the individuals who as of now stroll upon the way.

The benefit of something isn’t found in its expense, however in the penance it requires to get.


A bequest has less an incentive to the individuals who own handfuls, however unmistakably more to the individuals who own none. Paper cash is no penance to those whose massive riches overwhelms their trade, yet requires assurance from the individuals who have less. In spite of the fact that you may have a lot, consider the individuals who don’t however keep on looking for the Light. The psyche of an individual isn’t esteemed by the cash its body orders, yet by the information it decides to be loaded up with.

The harder the street, the more gifted its explorer.

The Illuminati isn’t a printer nor a cause, and never charges enrolment expenses of any sort. Nobody is given devices for nothing: all searchers both rich and poor convey the cost of their Confirmation’s printing, similarly as you did when your excursion started. To require high enrolment expenses as a watchman for our messages would just dismiss the individuals who display assurance yet incidentally need riches huge numbers of whom are future individuals from our association. They require a guide to start a similar excursion as you. All must be invited if mankind is to be shielded based on what is to come.

A guide thinks about the estimation of the hands that hold it.  Its bearings lead the rich upon indistinguishable streets from poor people.

Try not to judge those with less just in light of the fact that you have more, and don’t judge those with all the more basically on the grounds that you have less. A personal jet is forlorn when its seats are involved by one. The empty lobbies and rooms of your home’s reverberation behind bolted entryways, a void that could house several personalities as brilliant as yours, yet whose bodies do not have the riches required to live with luxurious material solaces. We should bolster them in their excursion, as others have upheld you.  The period of the next generation approaches and all must be prepared. People of different types have ventured onto the street that prompts the Light. Look to the searchers who stroll close by you, it is their hands that hold the fate of the Illuminati.

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