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Skepticism Is Encouraged

Skepticism Is Encouraged Knowledge is viewed as liquid and subject to modification and change. Henceforth the Luciferian is urged to keep a receptive outlook and amend their thoughts of what establishes truth and comprehension.  All thoughts ought to be tried for common sense before being embraced as truth, and conditions may require former "facts"…

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Admonition Signs of Religious Cults

These signs are warnings that a gathering has clique/cult like potential From the savage Branch Davidians religion to the progressing banter over Scientology, the idea of cults is notable and as often as possible talked about. All things considered, every year, a huge number of individuals are brought into cliques and religion like organizations,…

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The soonest known use of the expression "occultism" is in the French Language as l'occultisme. In this form it shows up in A. de Lestrange's article on that was distributed in Jean-Baptiste Richard de Randonvilliers' Dictionnaire des witticisms nouveaux ("Dictionary of new words") in 1842. In any case, it was not related, now, to the…

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